July 2023

Photo by Phil Greer

Smoke from the Canadian Fires blocking the sun in upstate New York.



This is getting serious and not just here in Texas. The entire world is experiencing heat breaking records that have stood for over 100,000+ years. According to scientific postings, extreme heat records worldwide have been broken fifteen times so far in July as of the writing of this newsletter. And predictions say that El Nino will have an even worse effect in 2024.


We are in real trouble!


Linda said something the other day that took my breath away: “The body uses fever to cleanse itself.” Is our home planet doing the same thing?


We are trying to do our part by planting native trees and plants to create a small micro-climate on our land. This, along with our recently installed solar power array, will hopefully have a positive effect in our little corner of the world.


Almost 50 years ago, Linda and I worked with the Cousteau Society (Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau) and others who predicted the series of events we are now experiencing. If only we listened to them, we may not be in this situation.


For the sake of our grandchildren, my hope is that our country starts getting with the program sooner rather than later.

I am proud to have recently received this recognition!

Dear Richard,


For the countless hours you have spent in the studio, on tour, shaping the careers of music makers, mentoring future generations, and providing the soundtrack to our lives.



The Board of Trustees extends a special invitation to you to join your esteemed peers and colleagues as a Lifetime Member of the Recording Academy.



Lifetime Membership reflects our deep gratitude for your continued dedication to serving our music community. In honor of this special recognition, you will not be required to pay annual dues to the Recording Academy*.


Your Lifetime Membership will immediately go into effect, and no further action is needed.


Thank You,

Harvey Mason jr. - Recording Academy CEO

Tammy Hurt - Chair of the Board of Trustees


*Lifetime members will be required, from time to time, to provide documents to support a current and active career in the recording arts and sciences.

Wishing Love Could Be That Way!

The Story behind the song!


Do you remember the days when you could arrive at the airport 30 minutes before your flight and walk straight to the gate with no security and your loved ones would meet you at the gate when your plane arrived on your way home? I do.

The first time I experienced the security changes we face today was in Bogota, Colombia. Me and my luggage were searched before entering the terminal, then searched a second time at the security entrance to the gates, and then again before getting on the plane. It took almost 3 hours before the plane finally left the ground. Little did I know this process would partially transfer to the USA in the not-too-distant future.

Believe it or not, this experience was responsible for the creation of this song. I miss being greeted by loved ones when I landed at my home airport. Hugs from Linda and Timothy plus the proverbial question, “What did you bring me?” was something I really hated to lose. Somehow this idea morphed into the fantasy of having no one to come home to.

I know – my mind works in mysterious ways!

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What’s Happening at RpT’s Library

More recordings with Emma Jane Conley and Frank Exum and I’m still working on the recording of five songs of mine. Hopefully, you will hear the first of these in the August Downbeat. FYI - The heat is starting to get to me.

I have been asked to judge two songwriting contests – one for the Musicians Association of Central Texas (MACT) performed live on September 14th and the second for the Fort Worth Songwriter’s Association, judging the submitted songs via their web-based contest site.

I am looking forward to listening to the songs from so many talented artists.

The Salado Music Friendly Advisory Board is working diligently to spread music throughout our community and it’s really catching on. If you want to learn more, please check out https://www.saladotx.gov/music-friendly-community and it would be great if you would “LIKE” our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/SaladoMusicFriendly.

In case you missed the earlier newsletters, here is a link to the ones we have completed so far this year.


RpT available LIVE!


I would love the opportunity to play for you. I can bring my guitar to your home and perform for your family and friends. I can even bring along the “My Life in Song” multi-media show so we can have a real party on our hands. House concert/parties are fun and easy, and I will be happy to help you set one up.

Please give me a call if you are interested in my coming to your home one day soon.

My number is  (254) 493-7729 or write me at RpT@tbc-group.com


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Thank you for spending your time with me. RpT

 Richard Paul Thomas





“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life – Music & Cats”

Albert Schweitzer

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