May 2, 2024                 No. 50

Five $5,000 scholarships to be awarded as part of

LifeNets 25th anniversary

It’s time to create new opportunities and honor our donors! 

Since its founding in 1999 and in addition to its many humanitarian relief projects, LifeNets International has awarded nearly 2,000 academic and individual workforce training scholarships around the world. LifeNets scholarship recipients have since qualified and begun careers as engineers (electrical, industrial, computer science), physicians and nurses, IT professionals, accountants, attorneys and legal professionals, architects, agronomists, forestry professionals, English and specialized teachers, and many trades. The vast majority of these scholarships were awarded to young people living in developing countries. Lives have been changed and elevated.

Reflecting the values of service espoused by LifeNets (including passing on of the gift received through service), these scholarship graduates have gone on to serve others in their regions. Many of their stories are featured on our LifeNets website.

Lives enhanced, new professionals now serving

These scholarships were largely made possible by the selfless donations to LifeNets from people and companies in the United States and Canada. In honor of these regions and as part of the celebration of LifeNets’ first quarter century of service, LifeNets will award five scholarships of $5,000 each to students pursuing academic and vocational training in the U.S or Canada. This represents the first formal LifeNets scholarship program for these regions.

The application for the five scholarships is downloadable from 

Application Deadline – June 15, 2024

These scholarships are only available to people living in the United States and Canada. To be considered, a completed and signed PDF must be emailed to no later than 11:59 EDT on June 15, 2024 or mailed (postmark must reflect June 15 date) to: LifeNets Scholarships, 5834 Cresswell Lane, Whitestown, IN 46075. Questions can be emailed to the above address before the submission date.

As noted in the application, completed content should appropriately reflect the values of LifeNets ( Scholarship funds may be used as a supplement for educational and related expenses related to academic or vocational training, including tuition, books, living, and other expenses. 

LifeNets looks forward to receiving your completed application!

You may want to forward this eNewsletter to someone you know who could benefit by such a scholarship.

Note: As an IRS certified 501 (c) (3) humanitarian organization, LifeNets International conducts its activities in compliance with relevant tax and administrative codes, including the awarding of scholarships. Awardees should note that a general rule is that any income is subject to federal taxation. Scholarships and fellowships, however, are generally excluded from taxation when the award is a qualified scholarship given to a recipient who is seeking or engaged in a degree program. Qualified scholarships and fellowships include tuition and fees required for enrollment or attendance at the educational institution and fees, books, supplies, or equipment required for courses of instruction at the institution. Awardees should consult a qualified accountant or tax professional if they have questions. LifeNets International is not responsible for any subsequent tax liability following any award.

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How to Effortlessly Double Your LifeNets Donation

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Many companies will match their employees' and retirees' charitable contributions. Check with your personnel office to see if your company will do so. They will provide the necessary forms and instructions. Thank you very much! Donations to LifeNets are tax-deductible in the United States.  

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