October 22, 2023                 No. 47

To our LifeNets Supporters and Friends!

LifeNets has moved back to Indiana! Our new address is:

LifeNets International

5834 Cresswell LN

Whitestown, Indiana 46075

We originally incorporated and registered as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity in Indiana back in 1999. However, with my husband's work in Administration and as President of the United Church of God, we moved LifeNets to Cincinnati in 2012. We are now returning to Indiana where we started. Our entire board of directors lives in this area.

This is our 25th year of operation and we are more confident than ever to deliver relief and opportunity to disadvantaged people in so many developing countries. Our focus last year has been on relief to people in Ukraine who are going through unspeakable suffering. Our aid is distributed through trusted people we have known, worked with and visited for decades. We continue to provide for our other services such as scholarships, water, food security, community centers and more.

In this newsletter I will feature two stories that depict both the agony and ecstasy of our services in our varied work.

You can keep up to date with our work by going to www.lifenets.org where you will see reports of projects in progress or completion. We are preparing our 2024 calendar for mailing that features our diverse activities.

Again we thank you for your support. We appreciate those who have made recurring tax-exempt donations. This is most helpful in our planning of programs. Please visit our donation page.

We deeply appreciate your involvement in joining us to help others -- please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Thank you for your trust and for making LifeNets your charity of choice.

We love and appreciate all of you!

President and Chairman

How to Effortlessly Double Your LifeNets Donation

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Many companies will match their employees' and retirees' charitable contributions. Check with your personnel office to see if your company will do so. They will provide the necessary forms and instructions. Thank you very much! Donations to LifeNets are tax-deductible in the United States.  

Helping Chernihiv Victims After Russian Missile Attack

On August 19 a Russian hypersonic missile hit an apartment building in the middle of Chernihiv, Ukraine. 115 people were injured and seven killed. With hypersonic missiles there is no time for alarm sirens because of their speed and short distance from launch. Among those who died was a little girl Sofiyka. Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk and the "Revival" Centre for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Children is only 500 meters from where this sudden horror occurred. With LifeNets support, Dr. Pasichnyk took on the task of helping the victims in this tragedy. He writes this letter:


September 6, 2023

Dear Victor and Beverly,

We sincerely thank you for not turning away from the troubles that have befallen the children of Chernihiv.

The injured children received mine-explosive injuries: shrapnel wounds, lacerations, some - injuries to the limbs, upper and lower, there are certain injuries to the torso, concussions, brain contusion, closed craniocerebral injury, etc. Unfortunately, one child died in hospital without regaining consciousness.

Your funds for the provision of assistance to children who suffered as a result of rocket fire, immediately after the said tragedy, were used as intended - assistance was provided to 14 children (the youngest boy is 10 months old, the oldest children are 13 years old). Unfortunately, some of them are still in the hospital and need repeated surgical intervention. In addition, all children, including their parents, are in a difficult psychological state with panic attacks and fear.

The family of the dead six-year-old girl Sofiyka, who was the only and long-awaited daughter of her parents, was allocated finances by LifeNets.

Today, when the world community celebrates the International Day of Charity, we sincerely THANK you, our friends, for your help in a difficult moment, the mercy shown and sensitive attitude towards small Ukrainians - you have a big heart full of love for people and Ukraine! Thanks to such caring people like you, good deeds are done and help is provided to those who really need it. May kindness and generosity always return to you a hundredfold!

With respect and gratitude,

Vasyl, Natalia and everyone at the "Revival" Center

We also received this note from Sofiyka's mother:

Dear Victor and Beverly,

Allow me to turn to you with words of gratitude for your support and sincerity for the material help you have given us. We are happy that in such difficult times you have gone beyond your borders to give such help to our country. My heart is bursting with pain after the aggressor country killed my only child. I am so thankful for what you have done to help people.

My name is Olga and I'm 36 years old. My husband is serving in the army on the front lines in the war. May God protect you.

We have continued to provide support for the vulnerable, such as the elderly and children in the war zones. You can read our updated stories on the LifeNets War Blog.

Benin Scholarship Outcome: Jean-Paul Ogounlie

Benin is a French-speaking country bordering Nigeria in West Africa. This story is about one of our scholarship students showing the successful result of the program. Tim Pebworth, our director of French-speaking areas of the world sent us this report:

Jean-Paul Ogounie finished his Master’s Degree in 2020 and then obtained his teaching credential in 2021 (Élève Professeur Certifié (EPC)) in Physics and Chemistry. He teaches at the middle school level (“College”) in French – school children ages 11-14 -- in Cotonou, Benin. He currently teaches at « Le CEG DANTOKPA » and « le CEG YAGBE.»

He is very appreciative of the support he received from LifeNets to obtain his master’s degree.

He is a leader in the United Church of God in Benin, and has become a regular speaker on the Sabbath. He attended the most recent leadership conference in Accra, Ghana in August 2023.

Jean-Paul and family

Read more about our scholarship program at website at https://lifenets.org/category/programs/scholarships/

The Kubik Report Podcast

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