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January 2017
Balancing Act Circa 2017
Ecological balance is a term that describes the equilibrium between, and the harmonious coexistence of, organisms and their environment. Even when an ecosystem is in balance, change still occurs - the only constant is change. As soon as all seems to be in check, fluctuations occur which require us to reevaluate, reassess, and reconfigure. Like the earth and the world around us, this need for balance holds true for Plisko Sustainable Solutions (PSS). As a woman-owned micro-business, PSS strives to understand each of our clients personally and offers a balanced spectrum of technical support. As our scope of services grows, we continue to identify how to best serve the needs of our clients. In doing that, we seek to balance the g eography of our clients, the type and business se ctors we serve, and the c ontent/product we provide. Please read on to learn about our exciting year ahead!
Strategy: Geographic Balance
Think Global, Act Loca l has been a mantra of the environmental movement for decades. It urges people to consider the health of the planet when taking action in the communities in which they live so that the end result is positive for all. For a well balanced and amazing set of global sustainability goals, check out the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals .

Glocalization is a derivative of the Think Global, Act Local mantra used in business. Companies employ glocalization as a means to tailor or modify products, processes, or services to meet the demands of local markets. What does that mean for us? It means we must be aware of global issues and at the same time sensitive to the needs of the local marketplace in which we operate. Balancing local and global clientele requires both flexibility and efficiency, at a minimum.

Flexibility: Every client is unique. A small customized local project/client might require PSS to develop a highly specialized solution where local regulations, cultural issues, and variables are a consideration. 

Efficiency: At the same time, large scale, global clients have a different scope and economy of scale and may require standardization of practice across entities. PSS has an accomplished and talented environmental, health, safety, and sustainability team at the ready, to help balance global and local needs.
Integration: Sectoral Balance 
Plisko Sustainable Solutions (PSS) is committed to being a community advocate, leader, volunteer, and participant. Our goal is to balance our portfolio between private and non-profit sector clients so as to create partnerships and collaborations that are diverse and unique and work towards integrated solutions. 

By helping organizations in both the private and non-profit sectors reach their full potential in terms of environmental and health savings, we promote the idea that creating a socially responsible organization does not have to be a complicated endeavor. To that end, PSS is a company of collaborations and partnerships, consistently pulling together the best mix of talent to create the optimal solution for the opportunity at hand.
Results: Content Balance 
Environmental, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) are important aspects of our  work as we partner with professionals across geographic areas and sectors. One of the corporate trends we see is the marriage of sustainability with traditional EH&S programs to create more robust and comprehensive departments.

As an example, the National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) is holding its EHS and Sustainability Software conference in March 2017. NAEM is a professional association that empowers corporate leaders to advance environmental stewardship, create safe and healthy workplaces, and promote global sustainability. In line with NAEM, PSS strives to build a healthy, resilient, and high-performing workforce. We partner with business leaders to ensure the best work environment, creating safe workspaces and reducing risks/adverse impacts. PSS balances vision, strategy, and financial perspective with the technical aspects of EHS&S.
About Plisko Sustainable Solutions
Joan Plisko, PhD, President

Marc Plisko, CIH, Vice President
Plisko Sustainable Solutions (PSS) can help your company develop innovative strategies, optimize operations, and appraise performance related to environmental health, exposure assessment, and sustainability programs. The PSS team will provide expertise and guidance as you improve your company's economic, environmental, and social performance.