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Reunion Wrap-Ups
Class of 1957
The Class of ‘57 celebrated their 60th reunion on Sept. 19.

“We were so young when we met as Freshmen in 1953. What is so interesting is that we could pick up where we left off, even after 60 years. The "Mercy Spirit" has stayed with us," said Jackie Lawless Isola ‘57
Class of 1967
The Class of ‘67 celebrated their 50th reunion on Sept. 23. 

“It was beyond expectations! Thanks everyone. Continued good health, safe travels and happiness to all till we meet again!” said Cathy Morato Tantau ‘67, Student Body President.
Class of 1977
It was all smiles for their 40th reunion is the Class of '77 as they celebrated their 40th reunion Sept. 23 at the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco. 
Recent News
Alumnae 'Come Home' during Open House
More than 100 alumnae joined our Open House and 65th Anniversary Celebration on Sept. 22.

“It truly was a great day and, of course, we were delighted with the changes around the school and especially our trip up to the 4th floor!” said Dolores (Sis) Davey Dunn ‘56 (left), pictured with Pat Hanley Davey ’56. The women found themselves in a photo on our 4th floor from 1952!! They were classmates our Mercy's first graduating class and are now sisters-in-law.
Share Your Memories With Us!
We have a special request from all who have attended Mercy High School - WE WANT YOUR PHOTOS and YOUR MEMORIES OF MERCY!

Revel Wolf Collective is designing a space or series of spaces to commemorate the people and history of Mercy High School.

Upcoming Events
Good Spirits Reception

Gather with fellow Alumnae for a Wine & Cheese Reception from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., on Friday, Nov. 4, in the Main Lobby Entrance of Mercy High School. 

 Immediately following the reception are our talented ladies performing Mercy's fall play, The Prodigious Snob.
Join our special Reception and Presentation of “A Reason to Remember” from 4-6 p.m. on Nov. 9.

This exhibit documents the fate of the five Jewish families in the small German town of Roth during the years of the rise of the Third Reich to the Final Solution.
Roll Call: Grads who recently "checked in"
Barbara Arenson ‘88
Current City:  Petaluma, CA

Cathy Molinelli ‘79
Current City:  Richmond, CA
Cathy Molinelli ‘79
Current City:  Richmond, CA

Eileen Fries Fabbri ‘70
Current City:  Chehalis, WA
From the Mercy Archives
From the pages
of the 1957 Yearbook:
Juniors Joan Murray, Julie Driscoll, Jackie O'Leary, Fran Shanley, Donna Dooley, Cathy Sanborn, Jean Montgomery, Stephanie Tissier, and Carol McCarrick.
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Our Mission
Mercy High School, San Francisco, educates women to pursue lives of spiritual and intellectual depth, determination and daring action to improve our world as an inclusive, college preparatory community enlivened by the gospel of Jesus and the charism of the Sisters of Mercy.
Our Vision
We are the Social Advocacy Based Learning Catholic school of the San Francisco Bay Area where women graduate with fierce determination to improve their world.