Unification Day!

May 1, 2024

Dear Stakeholders,

Today is the day that our unification is official! We are so pleased to announce that Liberty ARC is now a unified agency, covering both Montgomery and Schenectady Counties, and providing excellent person-centered services to people with disabilities in our communities.

For the past nine months, our staff and board of directors have been working hard on the unification, making sure that all of the details are covered. We are thrilled that the big day has arrived! As we stated when we set out on this unification, our programs and services are only going to get stronger by working together to benefit the people we support. The story of both organizations now comes together, and we can look back proudly over the years of our shared history that brought us to this point. 


But it’s not all historical. We’re leveraging the experience and expertise of our staff members to provide the very best for the people in our programs today and in the decades ahead. More than that, we know that the heart of this unification is our mutual respect for people with disabilities and a desire to support each person’s hopes, dreams, and ambitions so that everyone can live a quality of life that each person values.

Whether you came with a legacy Schenectady County program or a Montgomery County program, thank you for your support in this endeavor. We really are Growing Together, and I can’t wait to see what the exciting future holds for Liberty ARC! 

Jennifer Saunders


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