We're excited to announce the keynote speakers for the upcoming ITRC Annual Meeting! This year we're honored to welcome three exceptional individuals who will share their expertise and insights on utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to tackle environmental challenges during our April 10th plenary session:

Dr. Thomas Danielson

Carol Eddy-Dilek

Carol Eddy-Dilek and Dr. Thomas Danielson from the U.S. Department of Energy's Savannah River National Laboratory will be leading a presentation on DOE's innovative ALTEMIS project, showcasing how artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to revolutionize long-term groundwater monitoring at complex environmental sites. This includes applications across North America and beyond.

Dr. Bridger Ruyle

Dr. Bridger Ruyle from the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University will share how artificial intelligence can be used to understand the source and distribution of PFAS in the environment. His presentation will delve into how machine learning models can be employed to predict potential risks and inform decision-making.

ITRC will host its 2024 Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California from April 8-11! This in-person event will include a plenary session, awards ceremony, receptions, and working group meetings for ITRC's Project Teams.

 The ITRC Annual Meeting brings together environmental leaders and professionals from state agencies; Tribes; EPA, DOE, DOD, and other federal agencies; industry; and NGOs to work together in the development of revolutionary, consensus-based environmental guidance. 

ITRC meetings allow ITRC members and others to meet face-to-face and network. Meeting attendees work to help break down barriers to the acceptance and use of technically-sound, innovative solutions to environmental challenges. 

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We look forward to seeing you in Long Beach!

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