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Rooms are going quickly at The Orlando Marriott Lake Mary for the reunion so make your reservation NOW! To expedite, call 1-407-995-1100 and please be po-lite! If issues arise, called John Fraley at 1-954-651-0451 and he'll fix..

RPOC news you've been waiting to hear!

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Retired Police Officers Council (RPOC) has resumed its lunch schedule for 2023. All members will be notified via Constant Contact and our social media as to the luncheon schedule e. g. date, time and location.

Our lunches are open to all members, guests and potential new members. I am glad to hear of other lunches being put together around the state that I will try and attend if practical and as time permits.

The March 2023 lunch will be on Wednesday March 22, 2023 at the Ocean One restaurant located at:

1745 Sherry Lane, Kendall, across from the Town and Country, starting at 11:30 am.

The prices are very reasonable and they have an all day "Happy Hour" just in case someone might wants to have an adult beverage.

Please text or email me that you will be attending.

John Fraley, RPOC President

Cell: 954-651-0451 


RPOC eNewsletter

March 4, 2023

A note from John Fraley, President

The RPOC is gearing up for our thirty second reunion. The board will meet with the staff at the 

hotel in the coming days to firm up the meal plan and the accommodations for our members. The 

reunion will be again held at the Lake Mary Marriott, May 4,5, 6 and 7. Note that Cinco de Mayo 

falls on Friday and our theme will be to celebrate the day,

The Otis Chambers Scholarship Fund (OCSF) is open to the children and grandchildren of our members 

in good standing with RPOC. The board and I have awarded numerous scholarships to members' families 

that submitted applications since the inception of the program. Your support in assisting these 

students in furthering their education is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all for continuing to 

donate to the OCSF. Without your help this would not be possible.

Also, please continue to support our Retired Officers Assistance (Love) Fund, which is in place to assist and support our members. We all know that as aging retirees the years go by and we lose 

members. Sometimes they have needed the assistance of caregivers and spouses. The RPOC offers a stipend to those spouses and caregivers that provide care to our members in their waning days.

I’m glad to see that our outlying members put together lunches throughout the state. Closer to home, Ray Tersigni chaired a group at the Cooper CIty American Legion where I presented Cindy Guttman a stipend check as the spouse and caregiver for Sandy Guttman who recently passed. On March 3rd I attended lunch in Inverness with fifty-three members in attendance. Many thanks to Pete Cuccaro, Paul Law and Madeline Pearson for putting this lunch together. The stories of past events in law enforcement were more than abundant. The most moving part of the event was the tributes that 

were made to members recently passed. The passing of our members should be remembered as we go forward and will not be forgotten.

Our members have made our organization into what it is today. Over two-hundred thirty members have forgotten or failed to renew their RPOC memberships. Membership can be renewed online at our website ( We, as a board, are dedicated to the RPOC and the support of our membership is paramount to our success. The promotion of our reunion and lunches are a way to move forward with our lives and keep the men and women that came before us in our memories. May God bless you all.

President John Fraley presented check and letter of condolence to Cindy Guttman from the RPOC on the passing of her husband Sandy Guttman.

A note from Reba Miller, Chaplin

Best wishes to all our members, their families, all our friends and associates during this upcoming season of Spring.

" May we think of freedom not as a right to do as we please, but as an opportunity to do what is right...Peter Marshall".

"Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day.. unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear", It is with extreme sadness that we list the passing of our beloved friends and associates...

...Jerry F. Crawford -        01/18/2023

...James "Jim" Watts-        01/13/2023

...Sanford "Sandy" Guttman - 02/05/2023

...Dyatha Colebrook -     02/18/2023

Special condolences to Marielle Crawford, Michele M .Myers, Aubrey Denson, Cindy Guttman, Teri Valdes Guttman, and Arthur Colebrook.

Sending congratulations to Jerry and Harriet Rudoff on celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Blessings to all- remember to celebrate all the gifts that come your way daily, and remember each of you are remarkably made!