Do you want to change the world with me Carole?

You and I are meant for some f*ck!n GREATNESS in our lives!

Yes YOU!

Yes ME!

Together that is a BIG US!

I'm really serious.

I was on a leadership call this morning and I was really inspired.

For those of you who have been in my space or who have worked with me in the past know that a big part of my work is around healing our ancestral wounds. There are so many wounds, curses and spells that we've inherited. They literally exist in our cellular memories that have been passed on to each and everyone of us.

Those spells and curses show up in the belief systems that we've been raised on.

We believe ourselves to be fated in the following four areas:

  • Fate of Career
  • Fate of Health
  • Fate of Relationships
  • Fate of Spirituality

These fates create four walls and we (you and I) put bars in front of the door. We build our prisons and we stay small. We fill ourselves with limiting beliefs, too afraid to step into our power.

I'm done with it all!

Are you done with it all?

But our grand mothers and grand fathers also shared with us their power. They have experienced life in a different timeline. They are always backing us up and sharing their resilience, love and encouragement. Most importantly they shared their pioneer spirit.

Most of our ancestors came in boats across the ocean

with dreams of leaving a legacy of a better life.

Ironically, what is moving me forward is a Network Marketing Community. I know it might sound a little off centered. But any entrepreneurship that you step into forces you to meet yourself over and over again in so many ways. This is not about selling a product or a service, this is about facing your ego, acknowledging your shadows and giving the ego the opportunity to die many times over.

Don't get me wrong our egos are helpful. But, they just like your Spirit needs to evolve. The old ego has to go. Quit dragging the ego that weighs you down. Evolve your ego so it carries you into the greatness that you are.

When I reach out to you, to join my movement with our ancestors, know that I am on your team. My ancestors joined with your ancestors creates a network web that will blow all those curses right out of the water.

This movement comes with a compensation plan.

And if your answer is NO, please KNOW this excites me and I honour that.

I will however let you in on a secret...

Your NO inspires me to step forward and

your YES activates me into a infinite possibilities of what

a community can do in the W+HEALTH space.



Are You Hearing Dark Voices?

Are you hearing voices Carole?

I'm noticing an influx of clients coming and sharing that they are hearing voices telling them to self harm.

For some, it is continuous stream of thought, for others it's a fleeting, a split second that suggest to choose death in some way.

Please do not ignore these voices.

There are energies out there that are grasping at you and trying to keep you on the 3D plane of existence. These energies want you to stay stuck in the incarnation wheel.

You don't want to choose this.

Most often this is not something we can handle ourselves,

we need to ask for help.

Reach out, let's have a discussion book a free coaching session.

You don't need to live with these voices.

In the meantime, when they happen here is what you can do.

🪻Acknowledge them,

🪻Tell them you see (hear) them,

🪻Then drop into your heart and FEEL all the LOVE that you can,

🪻Send it to the dark energies,

🪻And thank them

They don't like the frequency of LOVE and they certainly don't like GRATITUDE.

They will dissipate, but you will have to be diligent and

do it over and over again and over again.


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Welcome to Community Highlights

When I received the Rites of the Munay-Ki 2 years ago something in me changed. And it's not like it wasn't already there, it has always been there. But now it is screaming for me to grow the seed of community.

Communities look different to each and everyone of us. I seem to be in multiple communities at once. I like that, but the message is clear it is time to bridge some of those communities and weave a massive web.

There are different ways in which I will do this and most are unknown at this point. That is okay I love surprises.

One way that has been shown is to share the gifts of other "healers". So watch this space as I highlight healers in my circles. Some have been trained by me, some have been mentored by other amazing souls. But each one offers their unique gifts to the world.

And there just might be a gift that you resonate with and that you need to receive in this NOW moment.

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