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Q: I caught a bug recently and my primary care physician was able to sneak me in between appointments. But it made me realize I've never used Urgent Care. Is that a good option in a pinch?

A: Urgent Care is for matters requiring attention ASAP but not emergency or trauma treatment, e.g., a sprained ankle, an ear infection or the flu. It's also for patients who don't have a personal physician, unlike you and me. Large local providers offer such services and there are independently-owned facilities as well. I suggest you ask your PCP and friends for recommendations, and verify ahead of time which clinics accept your insurance and can tap into your medical records. My Plan A is to have an accessible PCP so I can avoid being seen by a stranger if at all possible. Urgent Care is Plan B.


What else is there to know about Urgent Care?

Do not assume "walk-in" availability. Another consequence of the supply chain crisis in health care is that some Urgent Care clinics are now appointment only. (Yes, that does seem contradictory.) Others are offering telemedicine exclusively, i.e. virtual care. It's important to be familiar with available options before you wake up on a Sunday morning with a sore throat. Valuable tip: If you are a walk-in, be in line when the doors open.

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