Bridges to Health Care Access

Let’s ask Jo! She’ll know!

Q: I had some medical tests done recently and I can't get my doctor to call with results. Staff says only he can discuss them with me. This is beyond frustrating.

A: As of October 2022, the Federal Cures Act requires that patients have access to all electronic health information (EHI) once created. That includes test results, which are now available immediately on the provider's "patient portal." It does seems that some practitioners (maybe yours?) have now shifted the burden of patient notification onto the patient. (Hey, I am just the messenger.)


Where does that leave me?

We are right on the verge of all patient-provider communication being exclusively digital, e.g., making appointments, accessing test results, getting a diagnosis and renewing scripts. To be fully engaged and safe, you must also be tech savvy. If you are not willing or able, ask someone to act as your facilitator, because making nice with medical technology is a crucial strategy in accessing health care and achieving best health outomes. Sorry, but it just is.

Where will you be when the music stops?

How about investing one hour in preserving health care access for the rest of your life? Jo has a fix for health care's supply chain crisis. If your organization or community gathering wants to host a thought-provoking and informative program, check out Jo's introductory presentation, “Battling for health care access: Where will you be when the music stops?” Click here for details about Bridges, then contact Jo at to learn if one or more of her info-packed presentations is a good fit.

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