Let's Catch-up: October 2023
Our mission is to empower families to foster resilience and prioritize mental health and emotional wellness in their children through educational programming, access to resources, and peer support. 
How do you make decisions everyday? What guides your choices? At CATCH, we are focusing on three basic goals:

  • prioritizing mental health in parenting
  • creating community
  • valuing connections

And it's that last point that really came to mind as we read this article about loneliness. It outlines the epidemic of loneliness in our country, the dire mental and physical health consequences that come with it, and what other countries are doing about the same problem.

The bottom line is that we need to look for opportunities to connect - whether it's getting together with a friend for coffee, sitting down for a family dinner, or volunteering with a local organization.

At the end of the day, those connections matter, and that's why we say #catchiscommunity.
In this Issue

  • Chasing Childhood
  • CATCH Lunch & Learn
  • Parenting the Mental Health Generation: What Matters Most in H.S.
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • My Red Said: Let's Continue the Conversation
  • Parent Support Network
  • Volunteer Spotlight
Chasing Childhood
Documentary & Discussion
Encore Showing
Tuesday, October 24th @ 7pm
Northbrook United Methodist Church
1109 Western Ave.

Our relentless pursuit of perfection is hurting our children.

It is truly more important to prioritize their free play and independence.

Join us for a free screening of this award-winning film and a discussion moderated by Dr. Lisa Novak, Illuminate Psychological Assessments.

Yes, this is the same documentary we showed in the spring. Members of our audience loved it so much, they asked us to show it again so more people could see it, and so they could bring friends.

Chasing Childhood is a thought-provoking and powerful film for parents/caregivers of kids of all ages.

Let us know you are coming, and we'll save you a seat.
CATCH Lunch & Learn
Social Conflict: Technology Takes it to a New Level
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 @ 12pm, via Zoom

Why is today’s social landscape so tough for our kids?

Technology and social media play a huge role.
Join us and learn:

  • what’s truly impacting our children
  • how to respond when their big feelings take control
  • what a parent can do to empower a child in these intense moments

Our Lunch & Learn series is possible thanks to the generosity of the Northbrook Woman's Club.
Did you miss our last Lunch & Learn?

The recording is now available.

Press play and learn how to raise a digital native and ensure your child is using tech responsibly.

Brittani Sitar, Addiction Counselor and Mental Health Educator, explains the importance of intentional screen time and how to connect with our kids around all of their electronics.
YouTube logo

Recordings of all CATCH Lunch & Learn events are available on the CATCH YouTube Channel.
Parenting the Mental Health Generation
CATCH Podcast
In the latest episode of Parenting the Mental Health Generation... Two 2015 grads from Glenbrook North High School reflect and share their experiences growing up on Chicago's North Shore. 

They talk about the risks that are worth taking, what they want current high school students to know, and advice for parents on how best to support their kids. 
Find the CATCH podcast anywhere you get your podcasts.

Parenting the Mental Health Generation is also available on the CATCH YouTube Channel.
Mental Health First Aid Training
For All Adults
Thursday, October 19
9am - 2:30pm

Josselyn is offering a free training to help adults gain a deeper understanding and action plan to support youth mental health.

Several CATCH Board Members have completed this training and found it very valuable. It makes a difference to know what to do when there is a mental health emergency.
My Red Said
Let's Keep the Conversation Going
What does your red say?

Did you know thousands of messages of hope and inspiration have been hanging around our schools and the Northbrook Public Library?

Thanks to our collaborative partners throughout the community who made My Red Said a meaningful mental health awareness campaign for the third year in a row! 

While the project is coming to an end, the conversation continues. Let's keep talking about mental health, de-stigmatize our struggles, and make sure people are getting the help they need.

This project is possible thanks to a generous grant from Northfield Township.
Maple School
Glenbrook South H.S.
Wood Oaks Jr. High
Field Middle School
Northbrook Junior High
Parent Support Network
CATCH Conversations

Are your child's mental health struggles impacting you and your family? Are you wondering how to start finding help?

We recommend seeking support for yourself first with a CATCH Conversation.

Sign up and a CATCH volunteer will reach out to schedule a time to talk, meet for a cup of coffee, or go for a walk to give you a chance to share what's going on and learn how CATCH can support you. 
Parents Connect: Peer Support
Plenty of parents are facing challenges raising children with mental health struggles.

When we come together and support one another, we build a community that makes each day easier.

Parents Connect groups are meeting weekly.

Parents Connect
Looking for professional support?
CATCH is here to help you find a mental health provider.

Look through our lists of providers or send a confidential email to CATCH, and we will provide you with names of trusted practices that might meet your needs. 
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CATCH is dedicated to making a difference in our community.
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