August 24, 2023

Lender Bulletin 2023-18:

FHA Supplemental Consumer Information Form (SCIF)

Effected Programs: First Time Homebuyer, Homeward Bound

Effective Date: Loan Applications on or after August 28, 2023

NJHMFA encourages all of our business partners and constituents to submit any and all documentation in an electronic format whenever possible as staff will continue to check email and review information submitted electronically.  

Attention Lenders:

FHA Supplemental Consumer Information Form (SCIF)

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has made a recent change to required documents for all loans. FHA now requires the Supplemental Consumer Information Form (SCIF) to be included in the Mortgage file for new Mortgages. In accordance with this investor guideline, Lenders are required to ensure this form is included in all FHA mortgage applications dated on or after August 28, 2023.


Per the Federal Housing Administration’s published Mortgagee Letter (ML) 2023-13, this ML requires "Homeownership Education and Housing Counseling" section of the SCIF must be completed if required by the loan program or product for which the Borrower has applied. The lender must present the SCIF to the Borrower to provide a preferred language, but the Borrower is not required to select any of the language options in the "Language Preference" section. As a result, there may be instances where the SCIF in the Mortgage file only includes the case number and the Borrower name.


This document will be added to the NJHMFA checklists as a reminder of the requirement on applicable loans.

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