The Chamber's legislative committee meets to survey the legislative landscape, keep you informed on proposed legislation and create advocacy opportunities for members!

The Second Regular Session of the 131st Legislature began on January 3, 2024. Statutory adjournment is April 17, 2024.

You can find live and archived proceedings on the legislative Event Calendar, and via Senate or House internet streaming.

Current law can be retrieved via the Session Law page and the Statute pages.

Here are bills we think you should be paying attention to:
LD1977- An Act to create the data privacy and protection act

LD2261-An Act regarding new motor vehicle emissions rules-Signed April 12, 2024

LD1337-An Act to Require a Corporation That Files a Tax Return in the State to File a Tax Disclosure Statement- Signed April 12, 2024

LD1794-An Act to Enhance the Predictability of Mandated Overtime for Pulp or Paper Manufacturing Facility Employees

LD1964-An Act to Create the Maine Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefits Program. Since legislation was passed in 2023, the Maine Department of Labor has undertaken a rulemaking process to help facilitate how the program here in Maine will be administered. Please click HERE to register for the second Webinar where the Department of Labor will provide an overview of the legislation.

LD1815-An Act to Protect Maine's Consumers by Establishing an Abuse of Dominance Right of Action and Requiring Notification of Mergers- Signed March 14, 2024

LD1222-An Act to Expand Child Care Services Through an Employer-supported Tax Credit- Failed to pass

LD643-An Act to Promote Research and Development in the State by Increasing the Research Expense Tax Credit-Failed to pass

LD217-An Act to Support Manufacturers Whose Products Contain Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)-Signed June 8, 2024

Keep in mind the Corporate Transparency Act went into effect January 1, 2024 and may require your small business to file a Beneficial Ownership Information Report. Find out more HERE
It's imperative that our members stay engaged in the legislative process and have a voice in the policies and procedures impacting our communities businesses and employees.

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