January 10, 2023
Governor DeWine Sworn In for Final Four-Year Term
Under the theme of “Faith, Family, Friends”, Mike DeWine took the ceremonial oath of office Monday for his second, and final, term in office as the 70th Governor of Ohio. The event, held at the Ohio Statehouse, brings to a close a weekend of festivities throughout Central Ohio as Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted, and all other statewide officeholders celebrated their swearing-ins with family, friends, staff, supporters and members of the general public.

Governor DeWine called for a variety of investments across Ohio’s economy, emphasizing the need to “do things where the results will not be immediate, but where they will be profound, and where they will endure”. Particular mention was made of the need to combat the stigmas surrounding mental illness and addiction, and to strengthen behavioral health treatment, research, and prevention. DeWine also recapped strides made in his first term towards infrastructure; citing the upcoming replacement of the Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinnati, the improvements in water quality throughout the state, and the ongoing expansion of high-speed internet service to unserved households across Ohio.

Gov. DeWine also used his platform to make three announcements:

  1. Ohio’s 2,000-year-old Hopewell ceremonial earthworks in Ross, Warren and Licking Counties, are expected this summer to be named as a “World Heritage Site”, a designation that will draw visitors from around the globe.
  2. The creation of a commission to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the United States that will prepare for events occurring over the next three years and highlight Ohio’s contributions to our nation.
  3. Plans to remake the Ohio State Fair both physically, and from a programming standpoint, in order to celebrate Ohio’s agricultural roots and showcase Ohio’s unique attributes to visitors.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce stands ready to assist the DeWine/Husted Administration over the next four years to modernize Ohio and ensure that we have the workforce talent, infrastructure improvements, and regulatory freedom for our statewide business community to thrive.
Economic Development Update
In the last hours of the lame duck session that ended the 134th General Assembly, the Senate received a substitute version of Senate Bill 33 (529 education saving plans) that included House Bill 123. The Senate agreed to the substitute version and the governor signed Senate Bill 33 on January 2, 2023.

House Bill 123 modifies the law governing community reinvestment areas. The Ohio Chamber testified in support of the modifications, but the legislation stalled in the Senate. House Bill 123 as amended into Senate Bill 33 accomplishes the following:

  • Limited home rule townships can now designate a community reinvestment area (CRA).
  • The Department of Development will create a model CRA exemption agreement for commercial and industrial projects; but Department of Development is no longer required to approve a proposed CRA.
  • Increases the percentage of the proposed exemption before a school district permission is required. The level was moved from the current 50% to 75% which matches other economic development tools in use.
  • Makes modifications to the municipal income tax revenue sharing requirements between municipalities and local school districts.