Update: Government Funding and FAA Reauthorization
Government Funding: Appropriations Committee Leaders in Senate and House Reach Deal to Prevent Shutdown; Votes Are Next Step
On Sept. 13, U.S. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen announced that House and Senate Appropriations Committee leaders reached a deal to prevent a government shutdown on Sept. 30. 

The agreement provides fiscal year (FY) 2019 funding for the departments of Defense, Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, with a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the rest of the government, including the Department of Transportation, at FY 2018 levels through Dec. 7, 2018. This will provide time for Congress to continue negotiating FY 2019 appropriations for the remaining agencies while preventing a government shutdown. 

As a reminder, the appropriations bill that provides funding for the FAA is the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development (THUD) bill. The Senate has passed its version of the legislation, but the House version of the bill has not made it to the floor for consideration. The government funding bill could be considered in the Senate as soon as next week, followed by consideration in the House upon its return from recess during the last week of September. The White House is currently reviewing the details of the deal and has not indicated whether or not President Trump will sign the bill into law to avoid a government shutdown. We will keep you updated as the process continues in Congress to fund the government past the Sept. 30 deadline.
FAA Reauthorization: Extension Will be Needed if Long-Term Bill is Not Signed Into Law by Sept. 30
The current FAA Reauthorization extension expires on Sept. 30. If a long-term bill is not signed into law before then, another extension will be necessary in order to avoid a partial FAA shutdown. Members and staff on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation are continuing all efforts to pass an FAA bill before Sept. 30. But with little time left before the deadline, the FAA will likely need an extension while lawmakers work to come to an agreement on a long-term FAA Reauthorization bill.
  • Background: In April, the House overwhelmingly passed H.R. 4, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, by a vote of 393-13. The five-year, bipartisan bill authorizes $71 billion for the operations, F&E, and RED accounts at the FAA from fiscal year (FY) 2019 through FY 2023. During this year's NATCA in Washington, participants asked their Senators to urge Senate leadership to complete action on its version of long-term FAA reauthorization legislation (S. 1405).
  • Effect on NATCA: NATCA supports H.R. 4, as passed in the House, and has been meeting with Senators and staff to urge quick passage of a long-term reauthorization for the FAA. NATCA continues to highlight the need for a stable, predictable funding stream that adequately supports the following: air traffic control services, staffing, hiring and training, long-term modernization projects, preventative maintenance, ongoing modernization to the physical infrastructure, and the timely implementation of NextGen modernization projects.
Rolling September Lobby Weeks
Dedicated NATCA Activists Put Passion and Effort Into Educating Congressional Offices About Funding and FAA Reauthorization
For the past two weeks, NATCA legislative activists from around the country have come to Washington, D.C., for a special Rolling Lobby Week with the goal of educating members of Congress and their staffs about the need to prevent both a government shutdown and a lapse in FAA authorization. Both issues carry a Sept. 30 deadline for action.
"We had 35 activists in town the first week (Sept. 3-7), and we have had another 36 activists in town the second week (Sept. 10-14). We have had a couple of outstanding weeks," National Legislative Committee (NLC) Chairman Steve Weidner said. "In the first week, our activists visited over 260 congressional offices. By all accounts, our ask was well received."

Based on all scheduled appointments through Sept. 14, as well as the potential for any unscheduled visits, NATCA activists are expected to visit nearly all of the 535 House and Senate offices.

"Anytime NATCA activists are advocating for NATCA members on Capitol Hill, there is a buzz on the Hill," said Miami Center (ZMA) member  Daniel Garcia-Barbon. "My team members and I visited two dozen offices and each one was very positive and pleasant. The members of Congress and their staffs were engaged and concerned about the issues our NATCAvists were there to advocate for - government funding and FAA Reauthorization."

Garcia-Barbon said Florida Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart put it best when he told him, "when you guys come to D.C., things happen." 

"I had a great time advocating on behalf of our Union and look forward to the fruits of our labor," Garcia-Barbon said. 

"It's absolutely incredible to see the passion, time and effort put forth by our NATCA legislative activists from across the nation," said NLC member Kristena Jones (Washington Center, Eastern Region NLC Rep). "They have scheduled meetings, held impromptu meetings, and informed nearly every House and Senate Congressional office in a short period of time. 

"Many came in after their work shifts were over, traveling either late at night, or after a mid-shift, suiting up and hitting the Hill all day on their RDOs and their own time. Our message has been heard loud and clear on the Hill and has been very well received by our members of Congress and their staffs. I am so impressed with NATCA and all the dedicated activists that continue to work hard and fight for our NATCA members on all fronts."

Pictured above, from left to right: Atlanta ATCT (ATL) Vice President Blake Locke, Georgia Congresswoman Karen Handel, and ATL Legislative Rep Jenny Chhetri.
Podcast: The Midterm Election
Continuing discussions about Congress and influencing the legislative processes that were initiated at NATCA in Washington in May, National Legislative Committee member Richard Kennington (Portland, Ore., ATCT, Northwest Mountain Region) talks about why November's midterm election is vitally important.
Your Regional and State Contacts
The National Legislative Committee  
Meet the members of your National Legislative Committee (NLC) and the dedicated NATCAvists who also serve as your alternate NLC members and mentees. Read more
State Coordinators 
NATCA's state coordinators build legislative teams in their states and seek to increase activism. They communicate all legislative information and material to the facility legislative reps and are the points of contact (POC) for all political and legislative activity within their states. They ensure a NATCA relationship with every member of Congress in their state and serve as a liaison between the National Legislative Committee (NLC), the facility legislative reps and congressional POC n their state. They are appointed by NATCA Regional Vice Presidents. 
Hatch Act Tip of the Month
Can I Volunteer for Someone's Campaign?
Yes, NATCA-represented federal employees may volunteer for a partisan  candidate's campaign. You are permitted to participate in political  activities to the extent not expressly prohibited by the Hatch Act.  Examples of permitted activities that constitute political campaigning  include: initiating or circulating nominating petitions; canvassing votes  in support of or in opposition to a partisan political candidate;  endorsing a partisan political candidate; attending and being active at  political rallies and meetings; distributing campaign literature; and  taking an active part in managing a partisan candidate's political  campaign. 

Remember, you are prohibited from engaging in political activity while on  duty, in a federal room or building, while wearing an official uniform or  insignia (such as a badge), or while using a government vehicle. You may  not use your official authority or influence to interfere with the result  of an election. You may never solicit, accept, or receive political  contributions at any time.

If you have any questions about your involvement in political campaigns,  please contact your National Legislative Committee representative.
NATCA Activism in Local Districts
NEW HAMPSHIRE: The Jean Family Helps Wish Congresswoman Kuster Happy Birthday!
Andre Jean (Boston TRACON, A90), the New England Region Rep on the National Legislative Committee, brought his son and daughter with him to help wish a happy birthday to New Hampshire Congresswoman Annie Kuster last week.
TEXAS: ELP's Cesar Cordero, Daughter, Meet with U.S. Rep Hurd
El Paso ATCT (ELP) Legislative Rep Cesar Cordero (right) met with Congressman Will Hurd to discuss the National Airspace System and those who keep it safe and efficient. " Congressman Hurd has been a steadfast supporter of aviation safety, and his openness and willingness to meet with his constituents and members of his neighboring communities demonstrates his unwavering devotion to the people of his district," Cordero said. "Oh, and I think my daughter liked him too!"
RHODE ISLAND: PVD, BOS, BED, MHT Members Join Several New England Members of Congress for Annual Clam Bake
NATCA members and family members from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire joined Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse at his annual family clam bake. Members from Providence ATCT (PVD), Boston ATCT (BOS), Bedford (BED), and Manchester (MHT) attended, along with Jason Holland from Region X (Engineers New England). Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey and Rhode Island Congressmen David Cicilline and Jim Langevin were also there.

Pictured above, from left to right: NATCA PVD member Juan Ledesma, Congressman Langevin, and Jason Holland.
MINNESOTA: Meeting With Congressman Jason Lewis Leads to Introduction to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy
NATCA member Mitch Becker (Minneapolis Center, ZMP) met recently with Minnesota Congressman Jason Lewis and they talked about Lewis's tours of ZMP, Minneapolis-St. Paul ATCT (MSP), and St. Paul ATCT (STP). Lewis then introduced Becker to former Congressman John Kline and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (pictured above right). Becker is in the middle of the photo, with Congressman Lewis on the left.
Boots On The Ground
Virginia, Indiana: NATCA Boots Members Hard at Work for Labor
ABOVE: Preparing for Labor to Labor door-knocking in Northern Virginia recently were Boots On The Ground member Steve Mendenhall and Northern Virginia AFL-CIO office manager Dolores Gerber from the Communications Workers of America (CWA).
BELOWIndiana Boots On The Ground Member Bob Zabel (left), with Indiana State AFL-CIO President Brett Voorhies, wearing a Boots On The Ground shirt.  
Did You Know? 
Only a congressional member may introduce a bill. Bills are then referred to the appropriate committee. If the committee approves the bill, it is sent on to the Senate or the full House which then debates and votes on the bill.
NATCA in Washington 
Save the Date: NATCA in Washington 2019
NATCA in Washington (NiW) 2019 will be held May 20-22, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.
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