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January 26, 2013



The 2013 legislative session is in full swing! Your phone calls and presence in committee hearings can make a big difference in the outcome of bills that affect homeschoolers.


Parental rights and participation in interscholastic activities for homeschoolers will be voted on in committees next week. Read below to see what you can do to become involved in issues that are important to your family.


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Yvonne Bunn
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Last week, HEAV joined HSLDA in asking you to call in support of SB 908. This bill is scheduled for another hearing Monday, January 28, at 8 a.m. If you have not called, please call now. (You can find your legislator here.)


Both HB 1642 and SB 908 will establish parental rights as fundamental rights in Virginia. These bills will clarify existing law, allowing government to infringe on parental rights only if there is a strong compelling reason to do so and there is no other way to accomplish the government's high priority. It will protect against the possibility of a judge deciding that your rights are merely "ordinary" rights.


HB 1642, the House version of parental rights legislation, will be heard in House Room D, Monday afternoon, 30 minutes after the General Assembly adjourns. These committee members also need to know you support parental rights. Please come to the hearing Monday afternoon or call to make your support known.  



Early Thursday morning (January 24), HEAV representatives attended sports access hearings for HB 1442 in the House and SB 812 in the Senate. Lobbyist Bob Shanks and legislative director Yvonne Bunn carefully listed to testimony about interscholastic activities for homeschooled students.


HB 1442 (patroned by Delegate Rob Bell, R-Charlottesville) was amended to include a sunset clause, which requires that the bill be acted upon again after five years. The amended bill passed the House subcommittee by a vote of 7-Y 1-N, and will now be heard before the full House Education Committee on Monday, January 28, at 8:30 a.m. in House Room C in the General Assembly Building.  


Legislators Going to Committee Meetings 

SB 812 (patroned by Senator Thomas Garrette, R-Lynchburg) is expected to be heard next Thursday, January 31, at 8 a.m. in the full Senate Education and Health Committee located in Senate Room B in the General Assembly Building. Originally scheduled last week, the bill was passed by for the day at Senator Garrette's request in order to gather more support for the bill.


If you support access to interscholastic activities for homeschoolers, plan to attend these meetings to show your support either by your presence or testimony. If you would like to make a brief statement before the committee, contact Delegate Bell or Senator Garrette for more information.


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