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Exciting things are happening for our coalition: The Working Group mandated by SB242 held its inaugural meeting, new members were appointed, and NCPM was represented in Las Vegas at PsyCon, where President Jon Dalton's presentation was very well received! Scroll down for details, as well as information on the dynamic presenter who will headline tonight's monthly meeting of the Sierra Psychedelic Society.

- The NCPM Team

Legislative Update

It has been a busy month at NCPM for our state legislative work! We might be 10 months away from the official start of the 2025 Nevada Legislature convening, but the hard work begins now. We have been meeting with sitting legislators on both sides of the aisle to educate them about the importance of psychedelic medicines and what we hope to accomplish in Nevada regarding policy reform around psychedelics. We're also pleased to report that the Governor’s Psychedelic Medicines Working Group has finally convened, which is a critical step in preparing for the next session. As you probably remember, Senate Bill (SB) 242 was led by Senator Rochelle Nguyen and Assemblyman Max Carter last session, and it established the Psychedelic Medicines Working Group. Three of the last four appointments were recently announced, confirming new members Dr. Dustin Hines, Dr. Burton Tabaac, and Dr. Mujeeb Shad. Additionally, both Kate Cotter and Jon Dalton from NCPM are also active members of the working group. With only one seat left to appoint, the group will be able to complete their task of meeting with a panel of statewide experts on this topic to make recommendations for bills for the 2025 session and beyond. Our coalition’s hard work is coming to fruition, and Nevada is poised for the opportunity to be a leader on psychedelic medicines!

On the federal level, we are excited to report that the US Justice Department has officially moved to reclassify cannabis as a less dangerous drug. This is a historic move by the US Government, and we believe it bodes well for the future of psychedelics in our country. As more states move to legalize cannabis, the federal Health and Human Services Department would reclassify cannabis as a Schedule III substance alongside ketamine. This is a critical step for our work at the state and national level, and we see this as a positive sign for the future of legalizing psychedelics for therapeutic use and research. We look forward to other medicinal compounds being rescheduled in the near future.

NCPM at PsyCon

NCPM President Jon Dalton and board member Dr. Sam Zand have a boatload of new fans after their presentations at PsyCon in Las Vegas! Jon's talk walked the audience through the evolution of SB242 in Nevada's unique political environment and spoke to the significance of the need for effective mental health solutions. He also highlighted the necessity for a dual-pronged approach of reducing penalties alongside legalization instead of simply decriminalizing. "Only through regulated legalized access to psychedelic medicine will we be able to offer psychedelic-assisted therapy to our law enforcement, our firefighters, and our 911 dispatchers, many of whom suffer from PTSD. That cannot happen in a decrim-only model."

Dr. Sam Zand inspired everyone with his talk, "Navigating A Socially Conscious Psychedelic Platform In A Capitalistic Market." He shared insights, pitfalls, and cautionary tales from his experience as a treating psychiatrist, leading academic, and socially conscious medical business owner. Dr. Zand offered a better understanding of the legal and marketing challenges in the psychedelic industry and the importance of bringing this healing modality to our country in a more balanced and regenerative way. "If you add more value in the world than you take, the world will be at a net sum positive of healing, growth, love, and giving."

Join Us Tonight!


Leadership, Motivation, and Meaning: How can psychedelic compounds, coaching, therapy, and artificial intelligence help us to create better futures for ourselves?

Bryan will explore the exciting potential of how we can help ourselves, our friends, our families, and our communities become better equipped to lead more meaningful lives.

If you are a Sierra Psychedelic Society Pioneer or Visionary member, please use discount code MEMBER20 to access your free admission. Learn more about SPS membership here.

Bryan Lang, CEO Trans World Health Services

Bryan H. Lang is a visionary impact investor currently serving as CEO of Trans World Health Services, Inc., an international healthcare consultancy and IT firm. His career includes work with over 400 commercial, government, military, and not-for-profit organizations on five continents. His focus areas include medical and psychiatric performance improvement, risk management, artificial intelligence and analytics, aviation, and harm reduction. 

Bryan currently focuses on one question: what will help us build better communities of the future? He is passionate about the intersection of mental health improvement, artificial intelligence, neuropsychopharmacology, and personal betterment, subject areas on which he spends most of his time.

Learn more about Bryan Lang here.


Much gratitude to Sam Shad and Nevada Newsmakers, for raising awareness about the healing potential of psychedelic medicines!

Watch the episode here.

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