Dedicate Your Gift
It's a Good Thing.
When donating blood please remember to dedicate your gift to someone in the community. Doing so helps offset the costs associated with that family's medical expenses.
Unfortunately, we recently lost Sarah Jane Kearns, a 14 year old student at Holy Family Homeschool.

However, this Wednesday, January 13th you can still dedicate your gift to her family, or to the recipient of your choosing.

Schedule an appointment:
Bogue Falaya Hall
10:00am - 6:00pm

Lagniappe: All donations are now tested for Covid-19 antibodies.
Christmas Tree Pick-up
Curbside pick-up by Coastal
Week of January 11th - 15th

For recycling (marsh preservation) before January 11th or after January 15th (and for those who don't use Coastal), drop off trees at 1515 Florida Street (Parish Fairgrounds, located behind Lyon Elementary) throughout January.

For pick-up or recycle, trees must be stripped of all decorations, tinsel and stand. No flocked trees.
Free Cervical Cancer Screenings
Per the CDC, Cervical Cancer is very preventable with the HPV vaccine and regular exams, yet Louisiana has one of the highest cervical cancer death rates in America. Encourage someone you know to get screened.
Flushing City Water Lines
Last week a few residents reported a chemical smell / taste in their water. The City of Covington's water supply naturally contains a high concentration of ammonium. These amines will bond with chlorine, decreasing the amount of free radical chlorine in the water making a chlorine based system challenging. Recognizing this, the State recently switched the City from a chlorine based system to a chloramine based system. This change may or may not be the cause of water with a "chemical smell / taste." Regardless, the issue is usually easily fixed by flushing out the lines. With hundreds of miles of water line in the City, it is inevitable that certain areas will need flushing from time to time (particularly this time of year when irrigation systems are dormant). If and when you have a concern, never hesitate to e-mail and cc me at PLEASE, do not allow it to continue to the point that you become frustrated. There is no need for that. Thanks, MMJ
Covington Grammar School
The Rest of the Story ...
Lee Harvey Oswald attended Covington Grammar School in second grade. He and his mother resided around the corner… either 315 or 321 N. Vermont.

(Picture is actually 6th grade).
They Said It : )
Long Days ...
Governor Earl K. Long Days, that is
While serving as Governor, Earl K. Long was committed to the Southeastern Mental Hospital near Mandeville. The Covington courthouse was being demolished to make way for the one on Boston / New Hampshire today, so his sanity hearing was held in the basement of the grammar school. He was found to be sane (which is crazy).
Pictured with microphone, Long held a press conference in the basement of the building after the hearing. Long's wife, Covington native Blanche Revere, was partially responsible for his commitment.

Prior to the hearing he stayed at the Southern Hotel. Pictured below, residents gathered outside the hotel on New Hampshire Street. In the background one can see the Majestic Theater and its marquee as well as Kentzel's Printing.

Mayor Mark's Blood Drive
Wednesday, January 13th, all-day, Bogue Falaya Hall
Dedicate your donation to the person of your choice.
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That's a good thing.

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