Lecture Two:  
The Apocalypse of Sophia
From The Gospel of Sophia:: A Modern Path of Initiation   
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Sixth Seal 
Earthly and Cosmic Nutrition Streams  

Outer, Inner and Secret Teachings                                                  

The Apocalypse of Sophia                                                              

The Mysteries of Revelation and Apocalypse                                       

The Revelation of St. John the Divine                                            

Ancient Mystery School Initiation                                                  

The Mysteries of Sophia                                                                  

Esoteric Anatomy and Physiology                          

Endocrine Gland System                                                 

A Spiritual View of the Glands                                                      

Earthly and Cosmic Nutrition Streams                                           

Foods of the Gods                                                                          

The Etherization of the Blood                                                         

The Tongues of Flame                                                                     

Sophia and the Etherization of the Blood                                       

The Eucharist as Spiritual Nutrition                                                

Vajrayogini's Tantric Wisdom                                                        

Plasma Generators in the Human Body                                          

Three Toroidal Fields of Force                                                        

Brain Waves and the Threefold Human                                          

The Three Worlds
Lecture Two
The Apocalypse of Sophia

    An apocalypse is an incredible, earthshaking experience.  In the strict sense of the word, it means an "uncovering, a lifting of a veil and a disclosure of sacred knowledge."  If a personal apocalypse has ever occurred in your life, you would never forget it. It would have affected and informed the way you view the entire world and existence itself. 

     Years ago in Hawaii, the author encountered the Triple Goddess as Pelee in the fiery, volcanic underworld of molten magma.  This story is told in detail in The Gospel of SophiaVolume I. The unforgettable experience forever remains the author's own apocalypse of Sophia that has delivered a lifetime of inspiration.   

    Prophets that have direct communion with the divine at some point in their lives often offer revelations about the future that result from that apocalyptic meeting.  Likewise, in the author's case, the information about the Divine Feminine Trinity conveyed in those few short moments of interactive communion could fill volumes.  That is the nature of true Inspiration.  It continues to "unpack" the idea communicated through symbols, images, and words until the full message unfolds - sometimes after many years or even a mortal lifetime. 

    A single look from one of the three Goddesses carried profound wisdom that was ineffable.  Words pale to describe this kind of divine interaction.  Attempting to explain the "connectedness" of these three goddesses - and the way they work together, yet independently, - is much like the enigmatic way Ezekiel, the Old Testament prophet, described the wheels of fire and the wings of the four living creatures that move as one.  There are paradoxes galore that cannot be imagined or felt but must be put into action. 

   For the author, seeing Pelee as the Divine Feminine in just one of Her forms of manifestation provided the spiritual drive to last a lifetime.  Yet, the nature of this encounter is difficult to communicate.  

   Once you have direct confirmation that there are spiritual beings, you want to share that information with others you love.  You feel compelled to tell others: "There are spiritual worlds interpenetrating ours that are filled with hierarchical and elemental beings with whom we can communicate!"  This kind of assurance derived from experience trumps blind faith in an invisible, divine world. 

Direct dialogue with the divine is never forgotten.

 Simple as that. It is the greatest of treasures. The memory of the event cannot be taken from the person who experiences it. Beyond faith, it provides the knowledge that becomes an unshakable foundation.  No one, then, can subtract from the importance of that experience. Your spiritual courage is fortified; your resolve to do the work of the spirit is fueled by an unquenchable fire.  

   Most revelations or apocalypses entail the seer being told to write down what they have witnessed and share it with others.  A scroll or book with seals is shown or given to the seer, or as John must do, eat the book that is 'sweet in his mouth and bitter in his belly.'  In the author's case, the revelation of the Triple Goddess as Pelee involved being given a long list of "commissions."  

    For years, the content of the apocalypse kept unfolding.  Poetry and poesy poured out in praise of Sophia, the Triple Goddess.  The revelation kept speaking, telling the author where to find Sophia's golden footprints in sacred literature, poetry, art, architecture and all human expressions about the divine.

   As the author has shared with others throughout the years in preparation of writing The Gospel of Sophia:

   Everywhere I looked, I was reminded of the details of what I had witnessed and what was communicated to me during that apocalyptic revelation. Not only was the nature of the Divine Feminine Trinity revealed, but also those similar parts of my own soul and spirit.

   The more I came to know Her, the more I came to know myself.  They were, in fact, one and the same.  Sophia became so familiar that I could not tell where She ended and I began.  Researching Her footprints revealed my own path.  My footsteps followed Hers and I discovered those parts of my soul that lead to the spirit. 

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Discussion Questions for this Lecture

Use these questions to spark further thought, reflection or discussion about the lecture that you have just read.  These can be used by yourself or with others in a discussion group.


1.   Have you ever experienced an "apocalypse" - an uncovering or disclosure of sacred knowledge?  If so, how did this affect you?  What form did the divine take during that encounter?

2.   Have you ever experienced a direct connection with the divine or Sophia?

3.   If you have had an "apocalypse," what messages were you given?  If so, how have you communicated them?

4.   If you have never experienced the certitude of an apocalypse, in what other ways have you found inspiration?  How do you sustain faith without the measure of certitude?

5.   Do you consider yourself actively "inspired" in this life? 

6.   How can one use sleep as a threshold of crossing to the spiritual realm?

7.   Are you able to let go of logic to experience spiritual transcendence?

8.   Have you been able to dispel all fear in your life and embrace hope, love and light?



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