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Grantee Spotlight: Youth Trail Corps
Thanks so much to Deena C. Bouknight at the Macon County News for her recent write-up detailing the mission of one of our latest grantees -- the Youth Trail Corps.

Nantahala Health Foundation's 2021 CHIP investment in this program supports both our Education and Economic Stability priorities as avenues to improving overall health outcomes in our region.

These young people will spend four weeks in the woods this summer learning about outdoor-oriented career paths they may choose to follow after high school. But that's not all...
NIMble grants available

Our Needs Immediately Met (NIMble) grants are intended to support an organization's one-time critical purchase, immediate needs for stabilization or crisis response, or innovative opportunities related to work to address health and well-being as defined by our Priority Funding areas. They are capped this year at $5,000 per organization, per year.

Our NIMble grants shifted this year from a one-time-only offering to a rolling opportunity. While there is no deadline to apply, NIMble grants will remain available only until dedicated funds have been exhausted.
Congratulations, Angie Knight!
Region 8 Superintendent of the Year
Congratulations to Nantahala Health Foundation board member and Graham County Schools Superintendent Angie Knight for being named the Region 8 Superintendent of the Year. Such a well-deserved honor, Angie!

“[Superintendent Knight's] efforts to ensure students are the focus of the school system have included safety programs, a rapid response to pandemic issues and promoting academics across her schools. It's clear that Angie's focus is on each student's overall success.” -- Jan Webster, Director of the Western Region Education Alliance

Angie's contributions to the leadership of Nantahala Health Foundation are appreciated most in her sharing of expertise and guidance related to our Education funding priority as an avenue to improving health outcomes for everyone living, learning, working, and playing in our region.
Within her community, Angie continues to support those in need. She and others have identified a need for structured teen activities where few are currently available. To address this need, Graham County Schools have invited youth between the ages of 13 and 21 to attend their SUMMER KNIGHTS Series, which includes free meals, cornhole tournaments with cash prizes, bonfires, and outdoor movies. This event series is a collaboration of several community agencies, churches, and individuals.

We applaud Angie and the Graham County community for offering this innovative, collaborative Summer Knights Series, which you better believe will include an education component!
Need Extra Credit? Try the 'The Future of ...' Series from 99% Invisible
With the support of a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 99% Invisible podcast creators have launched a four-part series they are calling "The Future of..." during which they are exploring how changes in the way we live, learn, work, and play could shape our health outcomes for years to come.

For example, if asked to explain how an Internet connection works, most people would stumble. Questions even more basic than this one, like "How fast or slow is it?", "Why is it so expensive or cheap?", or "Why can't I pay for a connection to my house?" have annoyed mountain residents for years.

The pandemic, however, ramped up annoyances to fatal flaws in some cases. When so many of us were isolating at home, our physical and mental needs to continue working, learning, and having access to our doctors, family, and friends did not cease. If you had a reliable Internet connection, your contact with the outside world may have looked different, but it was possible. If you didn't have an Internet connection, you likely suffered in many ways.

The lack of quality Internet access -- a fundamental element of life as we know it -- for any reason other than choice is the very definition of inequity. Knowing the complexities involved with any issue is the first step toward making a change. This podcast, available wherever you get your podcasts and at the link below, is sure to help you better understand this complicated topic in the easiest, most enjoyable way.
Don't Forget: Free Grant-seeking Tool Available
The Appalachian Regional Commission's Nonprofit Resource Center provides its members FREE access to GrantStation, a powerful grant-seeking and grant-management online database.

ANRC provides technical assistance designed to foster long-term growth and sustainability for nonprofit organizations in the Appalachian region. Membership is free by signing up with the link below. Once you've joined, be sure to watch the GrantStation tutorial included on their website.
If your grant search via this FREE GrantStation platform turns up any interesting funding prospects, we want to help. From brainstorming to proofreading to information gathering, let us know how we can help your organization secure the funding you need to do the most good.
And Finally, Your Homework!
Except this isn't homework in the traditional sense. It's more about the actual work required to build a home and the reason why finding individuals with these skills has become so challenging. Because housing continues to be a critical issue throughout our region, learning more about how the industry has reached this point is important to formulating ways to improve it. Now seems like a good time for a...

POP QUIZ: Why do builders say they are having more trouble finding carpenters than roofers, electricians, or just about anything else, and by a wide margin?
Select from theses multiple choice options:
Many carpenters lost their jobs during the Great Recession
Carpenters demand significantly higher wages than other construction trades
Women are incapable of cutting accuate 45-degree angles
All of the Above
PRO TEACHER TIP: Make it an open-book quiz by reading the full story first.
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