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In addition to the hundreds of exhibits and networking sessions, the Amusement Expo International delivers a wide array of AEI conference education sessions, comprising over 25 hours of content. AEI will run from March 27th through 30th with a packed exhibit floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The 27th and 28th will feature an education program filled with relevant, actionable content to make you better at the business of fun. The expo floor will be open on the 29th and 30th and will be the largest in its 14-year history. 

AEI will feature some of the most influential experts in the out of home entertainment industry. They represent the best in game and entertainment technology, business development and family entertainment centers.

Take a closer look at who’s meeting the industry’s most challenging issues and the secrets to their success...

Monday, March 27

Bob Cooney in VR Helmet

VR Arcade Game Summit: Welcome 

  • Bob Cooney: Top Metaverse & Virtual Reality Speaker
Colorful Paint Samples

Interior Design: How it Matters in

Your Retail, FEC or Location Space

  • Brunswick Billiards Group: Jacklyn Ady, Director of Product Development 
VR Growth Chart

Expert Insights on Growing

Your VR Arcade Business

  • FortyFiveGames: Nick DiMatteo, Chief Games Officer 
  • Mont VR: Jay Michaud, Co-founder and CEO 
  • VR Oasis: Todd Schobel, Director of Sales & Marketing 
Route on a Map

Harnessing Route Software Data to

Increase Revenue & Profitability

  • Ellis Amusements, Inc: Ryan Harris, President 
  • Barberio Entertainment: Jordan Barberio, Owner 
  • Alpine Vending: Nick Sunday, Operations Manager 
  • Games Unlimited/Valley Video Games: Tom Graham, Owner
Pizza Boxes

How Ghost Kitchens Can Add to

Your F&B Revenue Without Having to

Add Restaurant Tables

  • TOCA Sports: Nathan Schneider-Smith, Director of Food & Beverage 
  • Virtual Dining Concepts: Kelly Grogan: Vice President of Sales 
  • High 5 Entertainment: Sitso Perez, Director of F&B 
VR Competition

Staying Ahead of the Trend: Riding the Wave of VR & Competitive Socialization

  • The Rabbit Hole VR: Mitchel Poythress, Owner 
  • Volo Motion: Eldad Givon, Head of Business Development 
  • VR Cave: Ryan Bromsgrove, Marketing Manager 

Ticket to Success –

Leadership, Culture & Core Values

  • APX Operating Company dba Boomers Parks: Tom Murphy, CEO 
Kids Birthday Party

Virtual Natives – Using VR to Elevate Your Party Packages for Generation Alpha

  • Spree Interactive: Paul Collimer, Commercial Director 
  • TrainerTainment: Beth Standlee, CEO/Founder 

Tuesday, March 28

jarrett payton


Lessons Learned from My Father

  • Jarrett Payton, former NFL and CFL running back, businessman, celebrity broadcaster and son of the late NFL Hall of Famer, Walter Payton.
A phone alert

Jukebox & Pinball Promotions:

Driving Play in a Digital World 

  • Game Exchange: JJ Babich, VP of Sales 
  • AMI Entertainment: Chris Owens, Vice President of Sales
  • Stern Pinball, Inc.: Evan Kirby, Director of North American Commercial Sales 
  • TouchTunes: Jamie Sura, Senior Vice President of Sales
Air hockey

New Markets for FEC’s –

Adding Attractions to Existing Anchors 

  • Pinnacle Entertainment Group: Howard McAuliffe, Vice President 
  • B&B Theatres: Dennis McIntire, VP of Strategic Development & Innovation 
  • NEN: Glen Coker, Business Development Director 
  • Highlands Sports Complex: Harvey Greenidge, General Manager
Putting on a VR Visor

How Standards Will Drive Widespread VR Adoption in 2023 and Beyond

  • Bob Cooney: Top Metaverse & Virtual Reality Speaker
  • Fallout Zones: Bryan Severance 
  • HTC Vive: Dan O’Brien 
  • Vertigo Games: John Coleman 
  • Striker VR: Martin Holly, VP, CBO, Founder 

Performance Management 

  • TrainerTainment: Beth Standlee, CEO/Founder 
  • Pioneer Vending: Luke Adams, President 
  • Holiday Lanes: Melanie Coleman, Owner 
  • Escalade Sports: Nick Barron, GM Brunswick Billiards Group and American Heritage Billiards
Waiting in line

Maximizing VR Attraction Success:

Strategies for Independent & Chain Operators 

  • Bob Cooney: Top Metaverse & Virtual Reality Speaker
  • Dave & Buster’s: Chuck Taylor, VP – Entertainment 
  • FireLoop VR: Oleg Churgel, CEO & Co-Founder 
  • Two Bit Circus: Andy Dunn, Head of Production & Attractions 
  • Hologate: Leif Peterson, CEO & Founder

Best Practices for Securing Your ATM Equipment & Funds

  • Modern Gaming Company LLC: Bret Clostermery, President/Owner 
  • Venco Business Solutions: Jonathan Dunn 
  • ATM Merchant Services: Mark Cumming 
  • Cypress Advantage: Michael Guthrie, VP of Sales
Card Swipe

Beyond the Transaction 

  • Shaffer Distributing Company: Adam Kleinhenz, Business Development Specialists 
  • Semnox Solutions LLC: Brian Duke, Senior Sales Partner 
  • Amusement Connect: Frank Licausi, Co-Founder 
  • Intercard, Inc.: Jason Mitchell, Client Success Manager 
  • Embed/Booking Boss: Kashif “Kash” Ahmad, Chief Management Consultant 
  • Sacoa Cashless USA: Sebastian Mochkovsky, CEO 

VR & Esports:

The Future of Competitive Gaming 

  • Bob Cooney: Top Metaverse & Virtual Reality Speaker
  • Riverside Game Lab: Alex Teran, Co-Founder, Director of Operations 
  • Luck Strike Entertainment: Jim Bennington, Director of Entertainment 
  • EVA Esports Arena: Salem Thyne, President at Middle Initial – EVA Master Franchisee 
  • Diverted River Technology: Zack Johnson 

Industry Round Tables 

Digital Payments

  • Barberio Entertainment: Jordan Barberio, Owner 

Hiring the Right Team Members

  • Sheryl's Golf: Sheryl Bindelglass


  • Ellis Amusements Inc.: Ryan Harris

Top Trends in Merchandising

  • TBD
Money button

From Games to Attractions:

The Reality of Making Money with VR

  • Bob Cooney, Speaker, Writer, Mentor 
  • Betson Enterprises: Dave Sexton, Director of FEC Development 
  • Pizza Ranch, FunZone Arcade: Joe Vander Stelt, FunZone Brand Manager 
  • Sprockets Arcade: Tom Hagen 
  • Fortyfivegames: Nick DiMatteo, Chief Games Officer

What’s Trending 

  • Babich Interactive Group: Chi Babich, President 
  • Turfway Entertainment Management: Dave Wallace, Founder/President 
  • Beyer & Brown: Greg Trent, Owner
  • Brunswick Billiards Group: Jacklyn Ady, Director of Product Development 
  • Dave & Busters: Pete Stearns, Senior Director of Midway Operations

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