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Top 10 Reasons It's Good To Be A Dog

1.  No matter where it itches, no one is offended if you scratch.

2.  No one ever expects you to pay for lunch.

3.  No one expects you to take a bath every day.

4. Others comb your hair and manicure your nails.

5.  No one thinks you are crazy if you chase your tail.

6.  You never have to worry about table manners.

7.  It's not improper to look at a friend's behind.

8. No one cares if you have hair growing in weird places.

9.  Your family is happy to see you when they have a bad day.

10.  If you gain weight, it's someone else's fault.

Do You Feel Like This After Snacking? 

With the New Year under way many of us are still recovering from the indulgences of the weeks past.  But the snow and cold weather often lead to snuggling with a furry friend and bag of snacks while watching TV.  Although fun at the time, snacking can cause health problems for you but fatal consequences for your furry companions. 

Often times people unknowingly place their pets in a dangerous situation by not thinking through the consequences of their actions or in-actions.  Animals, like humans, love to nibble on the crumbs left in a salty snack bag.  However, this natural inclination can and has caused feline and canine fatalities.  As a pet enjoys lapping up the last few crumbs out of the chip bag, the bag begins to suffocate the pet as it encloses around their head.  As the pet begins to panic, breathing steadily quicker in a  rush to remove the bag ,  breathing in the remaining air in the bag makes the bag collapse around the pet's head causing suffocation.

To prevent this tragedy from occurring we suggest:
    1.  NEVER leave a partially empty snack bag where 
         your pet can reach it.
    2.  Keep scissors by your garbage can and simple cut
         the bottom off empty chip bags (or any bags for that
         matter) before discarding in the trash.

 Do fellow pet lovers a favor and share this newsletter with them---- you may just save the life of your beloved pet or the pet of someone you love.


Bronze Beauties           
This stunning urn series proudly displays a breed specific resin figurine atop a beautifully crafted walnut veneer urn base.  The pet figurine is manufactures in Italy and is permanently attached to the base using pins and glue adhesive.  The cremains are installed through the removable bottom panel secured to the urn using fasteners.  The base of the urn is available in four sizes, small to large, thus accommodating any size pet.  Most popular dog and cat breeds are available.  
 For more information, please visit
and click on the Urns Tab or
call us at 412/220-7800. 

Stay warm and safe this winter season,


Deb Chebatoris
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation