Last year we launched LawFabric, our innovative intranet/extranet portal and rapid development platform, powered by Tally42 at the 2023 ADERANT Momentum events. Since then, we've received immense interest from both sides of the Atlantic and signed our first client, a London-based Partner for Windows user.

LawFabric provides actionable insights through social media-styled discussion groups and dashboards. It not only reads data from source systems but also writes back actions to core legal systems. An example would be sharing documents with a client for review or creating a discussion group with all timekeepers on an unpaid bill.

LawFabric has the data layer separate from the user interface, so have it as a web application or embedded in Outlook 365, Teams, Power BI and or transfer existing skins from your current portal solution.

Our latest addition is some AI functionality that allows users to define all three-letter acronyms and any legal jargon from the side panel and embed them as comments in a document or a LawFabric repository.

One of our quick developments is a critical dates application that identifies important dates for a matter, verifies their validity by displaying the source from AI, and adds these dates to a matter and a user's Outlook calendar.

Sean Stanley, Founder and Chief Software Architect at Tally 42, expresses his delight in crafting an innovative platform at an accessible price point. He eagerly anticipates the integration of additional AI features and specialised legal modules, aiming to augment the collaborative relationship between law firms and their clients.

View the Critical Dates video here

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