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July 2022 | Law Firm Vendors Association
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April 2022 Hay Adams Cocktail Party

For organizations whose purpose is to bring people together, the last two years have been challenging. That’s especially true for the Law Firm Vendors Association. Our members “strive to create a greater sense of camaraderie among law firms and their vendors” through informal networking events. The last 28 months without such events have been tough. Needless to say members and guests were overjoyed to be face to face again. 
When considering where to hold our event, there was no question where to go. The Hay Adams Rooftop Terrace was the only option. With it’s breathtaking views, open floor plan, and impeccable service…It was perfect! 
Seeing friends in person for the first time in so long was amazing. Friends we had not seen in many years, even pre-pandemic, joined us in an unexpected surprise. All who attended were in great spirits and the overall mood was sheer excitement for the evening with wonderful people, fantastic food, and…that view! 
We look forward to hosting more events, seeing friends and meeting new ones soon!