Laurent Lore
Investor & Business Edition
October 2022
In September's newsletter I introduced the new Active Investor Plus ("AI+") Residence policy, but with only a skeleton description because the detailed Instructions had not yet been published.

Applications opened on Monday, 19 September - the same day as the rules themselves came out. We've had a chance to look over them and think about what they will mean for people considering this pathway to NZ Residence.

I have written a couple of blog posts about this, and you will find the links and brief descriptions below. Happy reading, and make an online booking if you want to talk about how this might work for you.

Simon Laurent
This blog was published last Wednesday, 28 September. Here, I go into the actual meanings of the different investment classes:

  • Direct Investment
  • Managed Funds
  • Philanthropy
  • Listed Equities

The weighted values of these types of investments to the Residence application reflects the level of risk the investor is prepared to accept.

I also highlight a new feature of the AI+ system, which is the involvement of NZ Trade & Enterprise which will manage potential investors' access to companies and funds where they can put their money. To my mind this is a step in the right direction, because those investment targets need to be vetted for their financial durability in uncertain economic times.
The second blog is really pretty hot off the press, having been posted on Wednesday this week (5 October). I felt it was important to get some potential pitfalls and misconceptions out in front of people sooner rather than later.

First: Residence applicants must move all their funds for future investment into NZ within 6 months of their application being Approved in Principle. The Government's comms gave the impression that people would have 3 years to bring their money over.

Nominated funds must be put either directly into Acceptable Investments (e.g., Managed Funds), or into Holding Investments such as Government bonds until the investor is ready to move them into the final set of Acceptable Investments.

Second: It would be wise to plan ahead when starting the process, to nominate and transfer somewhat more than the bare amount of investment which you intend to make. Failing to allow some leeway could result in finding oneself in a dead-end further down the line, and losing Residence entirely.

This last point is something to discuss with your financial adviser, and with us at Laurent Law as immigration specialists. It might be time to schedule a meeting now.