The seafood sector is made up of various people who contribute to bringing the freshest seafood to consumers. One of these important roles are seafood markets and their operators. Stu Meltzer is the owner and operator of Fearless Fish Markets.

With two locations, on both the East and West Side of Providence, finding fresh seafood choices is right at your fingertips! The name ‘Fearless Fish’ originated from the idea to give people reliable seafood knowledge while providing a resource that is in demand.

Stu Meltzer opened the West Side location of Fearless Fish in 2019, and more recently opened the second location in September of 2022. Stu sources local seafood as often as possible, occasionally reaching into New England and the Mid-Atlantic region to expand the variety of seafood that he has available in-store. When visiting one of the Fearless Fish locations, you can expect to find shellfish, finfish, and products made in-house like stews, chowders, pâté , and even tuna burgers! Stu says that the community support and the desire to eat local has been outstanding and he cannot wait to see what is to come.

Stu is originally from Chicago, and has always held an interest in seafood and after years working in seafood distribution, he shifted gears to start his own business. Stu says that he has always found seafoods’ connection to the environment intriguing and wanted to start a business that was good for people; with those goals in mind, the first Fearless Fish Market was born. He saw an increasing demand for fresh fish and so, Stu opened his second Fearless Fish Market in 2022. On a weekly basis you can find local species like hake, tuna, and bluefish; but you can also test your taste buds with species like skate, urchin, monkfish from other New England states. Stu says that he enjoys the connections he builds with customers and having the opportunity to share his knowledge to educate consumers about smart seafood choices. Stu sends out two weekly emails that address questions pertaining to all things seafood, educational information, and weekly seafood availability, as well as tips for successfully cooking seafood, because as Stu says, “cooking fish is easy, fun, delicious, and we can help!”

Favorite RI Marine Species: John Dory

Favorite RI Seafood Restaurant: Tied between Oberlin and Matunuck Oyster Bar

Favorite Recipe: Any type of sautéed fish to enhance the flavor

West Side: 425 W Fountain Street Providence RI, 02903

East Side: 721 Hope Street

Providence, RI 02906

What to expect in 2023

  • Monthly projections of species
  • Dock Days
  • 7th Annual Quahog Week
  • Seafood Dinners
  • Seafood Finder Map with listed participants
  • Fishline App
  • Recipes
  • Highlights, Profiles & More

Keep your eyes out for upcoming information on the 7th Annual Quahog Week!

Coming Spring of 2023!

Upcoming events

Feb. 16: Export and Tradeshow Opportunities for Rhode Island Food and Beverage and Seafood Producers. 10 AM Webinar

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Feb. 17: Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative Meeting @ URI Bay Campus. 2-4 PM

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April 13: Monkfish Marketing and Expansion Workshop. 12:30-4:30 PM. See flyer below

May 8: Seafood Showcase- American Culinary Federation. 6-9 PM @ Narragansett Brewery

May 13-21: Newport Ocean Race

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May 20-21: Newport Oyster and Chowder Festival

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