Join us in celebrating the 7th Annual Quahog week from April 23 - 29th. Rhode Island's state clam, the quahog can be found year-round and we're "shell-ebrating" that! Join RI Seafood for a week full of clams, and follow along for recipes, your favorite restaurants featuring specials, and markets carrying local clams!

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Quahogging is vital to the Ocean State's cultural heritage. Fishing for quahogs began with the indigenous peoples of Rhode Island. The name “quahog” comes from the Narragansett word "poquauhock," which entered common New England vernacular for the clam. Quahogs continued to be a popular food source for the colonists and settlers, and today remain Rhode Island’s favorite clam and one of the most economically important fishery resource harvested from Narragansett Bay – with more than 17 million quahogs landed in 2022 alone. Quahogs are a resource that are harvested year-round, and can be enjoyed in various recipes such as, chowder, stuffies, clams on the half shell, and more!

To celebrate, RI Seafood will be hosting two events where you can come meet the shellfishermen, try quahogs on the half shell, and enjoy iconic clam samples from various local restaurants and venues. These events are free to attend.

Where to find RI Seafood:

April 26: The Guild Warren- 99 Water Street Suite 2, Warren, RI 02885

April 27: Narragansett Brewery- 271 Tockwotton St., Providence, RI 02903

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What to expect in 2023

  • Monthly projections of species
  • Dock Days
  • 7th Annual Quahog Week
  • Seafood Dinners
  • Seafood Finder Map with listed participants
  • Fishline App
  • Recipes
  • Highlights, Profiles & More

Upcoming events

March 25: 11-2 PM Dave's Seafood Day at East Greenwich location

March 22: Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Council (RIMFC) Meeting 4:30 PM URI Bay Campus

April 3: RIMFC Meeting 6:00 PM URI Bay Campus

April 20: State House Quahog event- Governor's Proclamation 3-5 PM

April 23-29: 7th Annual Quahog Week

May 8: Seafood Showcase- American Culinary Federation. 6-9 PM @ Narragansett Brewery

May 13-21: Newport Ocean Race

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May 20-21: Newport Oyster and Chowder Festival

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Fishy Opportunities:

Fearless fish market is hiring a fish share coordinator. Your job would be to connect with wine shops in the greater Rhode Island/ Boston area to establish a frozen fish share subscription at those shops for the wine shop customers and others who live in the vicinity of that shop. 

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Fisheries Marketing Specialist

C: (619) 278-8275

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