Acrylic by Cheryl O
Coyote, Caught in the Light - by Cheryl O
Acrylic on pre-stretched canvas ready to hang
24" x 24" $785. + HST Shipping additional

The above painting began with pre-colouring the background and I then used white chalk to draw the coyote. White chalk is great - easy to wipe off and doesn't muddy any colours.

My goal when I started painting was to see the fur as shapes, rather than individual hairs. I also did not want to give all the information with the paint. This allows the viewer to participate by filling in the blanks with their imagination.

A very big thank you to London photographer Mary Lou Roberts for allowing me to use her photo as a reference. Mary Lou does amazing bird and animal photography here in Ontario.

Happy Painting!
Cheryl O
Today's Quote:

"It's hard to judge a colour on the palette.
You have to put it on the painting and
then you will see if it works or not.
It's hard to judge some decisions by just thinking.
At times you have to go for it
to see if it works.
In art and in life - be brave!"

Cheryl O
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