Theosophical Order of Service International e-Newsletter
EN 46 - March 2018
In this issue:
  • Grow as the Flower Grows - Nancy Secrest
  • We remember and honour Dara Feroze Mirza
  • USA Webinar Series
  • TOS Latest News
  • TOS Around the World: France and India
  • Invitation to the 4th International TOS Conference in 2018
  • Do We Have Your Group’s Updated Contact Info?
Dear TS and TOS members and friends,

Have you registered for the TOS International Conference yet? Registration, along with payment, is due by 4 April 2018! So, make your plans now. Registration form We are so excited about seeing everyone again, and in Singapore. What an exotic place for our conference.

Conference program planning is underway. We'll take a look at what we've done since we last met in 2013. Did we meet our goals? We'll make plans for the future, share ideas and suggestions for productive service work and have some fun too. I've already talked with some of you about participating in the program and will be speaking with others. We just can't wait to see all of you again! Remember, the TOS International Conference runs from 9 - 11 August, directly following the Theosophical Society World Congress which takes place 4 - 8 August. You can register for either or both on the same form. (See more details below.)

In a few past editions of this e-newsletter we have printed items written by young TOS workers that told something of what they were doing or what life has brought them thus far. We want to make that a regular addition each quarter. Are you a young TOS worker ? Is there a young TOS worker in your midst or a student you sponsor or work with whom you'd like to recognise? Please send us such items written by or about a younger person in your group or with whom your group works. Remember to include their picture.

As always, we want to know what you and your groups are doing. Please send information about your activities with good quality photos, to: 

Yours in service ,

T he TOS tea m:
  • David Sztain, Editor
  • Nancy Secrest, International Secretary/Editing
  • Rozi Ulics, Webmaster/Editing
  • Vicki Jerome, Proofreader
“Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.” - Frank A. Clark
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Grow as the Flower Grows - Nancy Secrest
Have you ever watched a flower grow? We can see that it has grown. We can see the differences in it as it turns its face to the sun throughout the day, and closes up at night, but we can’t actually see it doing so. We can see the change in its height or the length of a vine in a day or a week or a season, but we never actually see the stem growing or the vine moving. I have often marvelled about this process and our inability to watch it...
We remember and honour Dara Feroze Mirza

At gatherings of the Theosophical Society, we often recall its founders and draw inspiration from their lives of total self-sacrifice in bringing modern-day Theosophy to the world. It is time now to remember the self-sacrifice of a member who lost his life tragically just ten years ago after decades of complete devotion to the theosophical cause.  
Dara Mirza at the 2001 TS World Congress in Sydney

USA Webinar Series
The webinar series is designed to encourage dialogue between board members of the TOS and the liaisons of the TOS - members of a TS lodge or study group, who are actively involved in the TOS and provide information and service ideas to their lodge or study group ...
TOS Latest News
Announcing David Sztain as New Director of TOS in Canada
During the past 14 years Lorraine Christensen has served as TOS director, and felt greatly honoured to take on that role by Order of Appointment from our late international president, Radha Burnier ...
Lorraine Christensen & David Sztain
TOS Around the World
The School in Mikondo, Kinshasa
TOS France reports on LCC school in the Congo
Seven years ago the TOS in France joined the Liberal Catholic Church in its educational project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country where there has been ongoing conflict for decades...
Two evenings with Anjali Festival children
The Mahabharata group of TOS, Odisha Region, donated Rs. 20,000 to the State Disability Information and Resource Centre – "Swabhiman", which had organised the ...
Members from the Mahabharata group of TOS, Odisha Region, India
  TOS International Conference -  August 2018
Register now! Registration ends 4 April, with payment due then. The Fourth TOS International Conference will take place 9-11 August, 2018 in Singapore . The TOS Conference immediately follows the Theosophical Society World Congress which runs from 4-8 August. Both events will be located at the same venue. This is a working conference for those who are active in TOS work. We will review our accomplishments since our last conference in 2013 and make plans for the next five years. All active TOS workers are welcome, whether or not they are members of the TOS. As an unexpected extra, 9 August is a National Holiday in Singapore, complete with parades and fireworks.
Sentosa Island, Singapore
Singapore skyline at night
  Do We Have Your Group’s Updated Contact Info?

Please check your country's TOS information on our  website here . You'll find it in the yellow, right-hand column on the home page. Click on your country's name and if the info is not correct, let us know. We want to make sure that your TOS group's information is up-to-date for our new website which is being designed.
Moment of Inspiration
Performance by a singing choir from the Trans Oranje School for the Deaf in Pretoria, South Africa and a song by a professional artist, Dana Winter