The allocation for Period A-183 (June 4 to , 2023 to July 29, 2023) was set by the Chicken Farmers of Canada Board of Directors on March 21, 2023 at 4 % above base as follows (in KG LIVE weight.)

Domestic: 294,993,479
Market Development: 6,967,127
Specialty (BC, AB and ON): 2,317,834
MD as compared to domestic 2.36%
Specialty as compared to domestic: 0.79%

British Columbia
Domestic: 40,286,182
Market Development: 982,000
Total: 42,583,728
MD as compared to domestic: 2.44 %
Specialty as compared to domestic: 3.27 %

4% over base nationally yields +3.23 % to BC under the current CFC allocation agreement and the recovery agreement to eastern Canada for periods A-163 and A-164.

The pro-rata allotment for BC growers has been set at 108.05%