February 3, 2023 Newsletter
This is the 70th issue of our electronic news update.
Update on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in BC
In BC, forty five infected premises (IPs) have completed primary decontamination, seventeen IPs have been released from quarantine and one IP needs to cap its piles.
To read more about the status of avian influenza by province, click here.
Pricing Update
On January 23, 2023 the Cost Recovery Meeting Committee discussed the preliminary grower survey cost of production (COP) results and how the COP relates to reasonable returns for efficient growers.
Consultant Hugh Scorah presented a discussion paper on the definition and measures of poultry processor competitiveness in Canada.
The committee will meet again in late February to review the revised COP.
For the full January update click here.
Upcoming Deadlines
Period A-183 (June 4 – , July 29, 2023)
CFC Sets Allocation Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Deadline to submit quota transfer papers: Friday March 10, 2023
Deadline to submit allocation paperwork: Monday March 20 , 2023 at NOON
Broiler Quota Ads

For Sale: 5 acre broiler farm in Chillwack with 25,000 quota. $6,750,000. Contact Walt Braun
waltbraun@me.com Tel: 604-316-5345.
Interested in hiring a temporary foreign worker? The Jamaican Liaison Service can help.
Contact Donna Adams,
Deputy Chief Liaison Officer
Jamaica Liaison Service, Kelowna
Tel: 1-250-762-4219 
Learn more here.
On Wednesday March 8, the National Symposium on Mental Health will explore farmer wellness programs, current research and regional projects focused on agricultural well being.
This virtual event is being offered at no cost.
Register here.
BC Poultry News
BC Poultry Conference
March 2 - 3, 2023
Registration for the BC Poultry Conference is now ready!
The BCCMB/BCCGA AGM is scheduled for March 2, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.
Register Here.
BC Poultry Association - Year in Review
In 2022, the BC Poultry Association :
  • Transferred over $1.2 million to qualified feed mills and some farms under the BC Ministry of Agriculture's Feed Differential Program
  • Allocated $80,000 in flood donations received from BCAC to some of the worst impacted farms.
  • Wrote a letter to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture in response to the proposal to launch a farmed animal welfare framework.
Read the complete BCPA Year in Review here.

Sustainable Poultry Farming Group 2022 Annual Report for Associations
The Sustainable Poultry Farming Group (SPFG) provided funding for a blackhead webinar, the Canadian animal health laboratorians meeting and the BC Agriculture Council's community engagement initiative. There is about $70K left in SPFG funds and the committee is slowly being wound down. Read the full report here.
Consumer Relations Opportunities
Canada Agriculture Day
Do you have a special farm or food photo to share? Save it for CANADA AGRICULTURE DAY on Wednesday February 15. Celebrate agriculture and engage in conversations on social media across Canada with the hashtag #CdnAgDay. Click Here to learn more.

BC Chicken Reels
In our ongoing efforts to engage with a young, urban audience, we are recruiting individuals who can provide us with short 30-45 second farm-related videos we can use on our social media channels. If you are interested please contact Cheryl at email: cheryldavie@bcchicken.ca or phone: 778-600-0234.