May 5, 2023 Newsletter
This is the 75th issue of our electronic news update.
Chick Supply Tightness
The Board is aware of the current shortages to chick placements, due to the 2022 AI outbreak, which caused depopulation of 9 BC breeder premises. As the outbreak is North America wide, import egg/chick supply can also be challenged. The BC Broiler Hatching Egg Commision has rebalanced hatcheries based on the availability of domestic eggs.

The Board is aware of the strain this puts on chicken growers, the burden is shared across the entire chicken industry. There is no compensation available for the impact on chick shortages on your operation. To provide some relief, the Board has temporarily amended the existing carryforward adjustment from 6% to 10% for 6 cycles in the future commencing in quota period A-182. This was sent to industry by way of a memo on March 31, 2023.

The Board expects growers to work together with their hatcheries and processors during this time of crisis. They are also experiencing shortages and have no access to compensation.
Avian Influenza in BC
Infected Premise (IP) 104 was confirmed positive for highly pathogenic avain influenza (HPAI) on Sunday April 30 at a commercial poultry farm in Yarrow. Primary Control Zone (PCZ) 189 is now in place. Find the PCZ boundaries here.

Due to the high risk of avian influenza in BC, please continue to practice the highest level biosecurity on your farms, adding a physical bench at your barn entry if you haven't already done so. Learn more here.
Long Term Pricing Update
The Joint Working Group met on April 18 and May 1 to agree on the group framework and to review the cost of production key elements. The next meeting is scheduled for May 10, 2023. Read the full update on long term chicken sector pricing here.
Changes to Specialty Pricing
Effective with period A-183, the Board will price specialty chicken every 8 weeks, implementing the new cost of productin in a staged approach. Read more here.
Upcoming Deadlines
Period A-184 (July 30-September 23, 2023)

CFC Sets Allocation Tuesday, May 9 , 2023
Deadline to submit allocation paperwork: Monday May 8 , 2023 at NOON
Broiler Quota Ads

For Sale: Mainstream quota. Contact Shawn for details.

For Sale: 5 acre broiler farm in Chillwack with 25,000 quota. $6,750,000. Contact Walt Braun Tel: 604-316-5345.