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The LauderGO! Micro Mover Serving Galt Mile Area

Fort Lauderdale’s favorite free ride is growing! The LauderGO! Micro Mover started serving the Galt Mile area on May 5. We thank our city commissioner John Herbst for his efforts to expand this service to the Galt Mile area and look forward to its expansion.

Service will operate 7 days a week from 9a-9p until the end of September. Through the ongoing budget process, the Administration is seeking funding to continue service past September 30 of this year, connect with the downtown loop, and expand services north of the Galt.  

Riders should download the free “Ride Circuit” app to request to be picked up and dropped off anywhere within the Galt Mile service area. For more information, please visit fortlauderdale.gov/laudergo.


Commission Supports Renovation of Galt Ocean Drive

The city commission approved an agreement for Design and Construction Administration Services for the Galt Ocean Drive Project with Chen Moore & Associates, Inc., in the estimated amount of $398,762.53. The Project includes the design of civil drawings, engineering calculations and plans for details such as lighting features, milling, and resurfacing of roadway, bike lane striping, sidewalk widening, new landscaping, irrigation, decorative paving, raised crosswalks and intersections, site amenities, new signage, and pavement markings. It also includes utility coordination and valve adjustments. We thank Commissioner John Herbst for his support of this plan and also thank former Commissioner Heather Moraitis, who initiated the project.  

Electric Vehicle Chargers on the Galt

The City Commission approved supporting the submission of a grant application to the United States Department of Transportation for the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Opportunity (CFI) Grant. Any funding would be directed to upgrading existing parking facilities to accommodate the demand for electric vehicle charging stations. The reimbursable grant funding can be awarded in an amount from $500,000 to $15 million and requires a 20% local match. Commissioner John Herbst has asked that the Galt parking lots (on east and west side of A1A) be included in the plans for electric charging stations. 


Fire Chief and Fire Marshall Address Galt Mile

Fort Lauderdale Fire Chief Steven Gollan and Fire Marshal Jeff Lucas addressed a meeting of the Galt Mile Community Association. They gave an overview of the fire department and its operation. They also spoke about the annual fire inspections in our buildings, the new AED requirements and implementation of the ELSS (Emergency Life Safety System – sprinklers for buildings not fully sprinklered). It was a very positive meeting, whereby all parties agreed to continue working cooperatively to ensure the safety of residents in our association buildings and in our neighborhood. We thank the Fort Lauderdale Fire Service for serving and protecting us 24/7. They are only minutes away when an emergency occurs.  

CPR Training on The Galt Mile

The Galt Mile Community Association has been working with the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue to provide hands-on CPR training and instructions on operating an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). Several association buildings have completed the training; others being schedules. Fort Lauderdale Battalion Chief Donald Oatmeyer is in charge of the training. Any association interested in training their employees and residents should send an email to presgaltmile@gmail.com.

Who Is the Galt Mile Community Association?

Our mission statement is: To improve the operation of our buildings by cooperative efforts and study.

To improve and protect the area and the environment within the Galt Mile community. To continue a good relationship with the City, County, and State authorities and, to that end, cooperate with and secure the cooperation of said authorities. To encourage the members to understand and participate in the concerns of the Association. To facilitate a pleasant personal relationship among the buildings.


The Galt Mile Community Association (GMCA), founded in 1968, is the officially recognized neighborhood association by the City of Fort Lauderdale. The association represents 36 high-rise associations and businesses on both sides of A1A, plus areas of adjoining interest. The appraised value of the member associations is nearly $2 billion. The GMCA is governed by a board of directors of seven members, selected from among the association membership. Learn more about the GMCA by going to galtmile.com.  

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Fred Nesbitt, President



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