Welcome to "The Dirt" where we share what you can expect from us in the coming weeks,  what's new at NatureWorks, and some garden buzz.
Getting Your Summer On
It's like flipping a switch and - bam! - it's here. Memorial Day comes and so do your summer flowers, in exciting displays created by our decor team. You'll also see the gardeners tending your roses, staking your peonies, and seeing to all the horticultural details that keep your landscape  in tip top shape. Do you get pumped about the mow line pattern on your lawn? We're right there with you.

Bug Zappers
And, then there's the gypsy moth. You see them everywhere. And you'll also see our plant health care team spraying to keep them in check. If you see these caterpillars - just hatching below right - and are not on a spray program, feel free to ask your account manager about it.

Next up: summer decor, gardening, gypsy moth protection.
Feng Shui in the Garden
This spring we designed a cul-de-sac garden using the principals of feng shui. This Chinese practice of designing harmonious environments considers how people are connected to and affected by their close surroundings.  This design created a barrier of plants to protect the homeowners' private space from the disruptive energy of the public street at the end of their driveway:
Placement of the junipers in the middle of the island was important to deflect negative energy away from the home's entrance.

Lawns Go High Tech
Meet the Roomba for your lawn - the automower. He's quiet & unobtrusive, guzzles no gas, and improves the quality of your turf. This little guy is helping us minimize our carbon footprint, preserve your privacy by reducing crew traffic on your property, and leave your lawn in a state of perfection - always clipped to the exact right height. Meet our 3 latest additions:
Randy, Clippy, & Robbie.

Crazy for Chris!
We're thrilled to welcome a new account manager to our team - Chris Orlich. With a degree in Turf Science and experience managing golf courses, Chris is an expert in maintaining lush lawns. And he's just downright charming. He's a new daddy too, so if you meet him, congratulate him on his TWIN baby boys!
Chris, Dylan, and Jace.
The Gorgeous Veggie Garden
Two tricks to having the prettiest plot in the 'hood: compost (duh!) and seed selection. The classic beefsteak tomatoes and Marketmore cukes are great standbys, but why not push the envelope and try something delicious AND showstopping:

Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato (sweet technicolor),  Egyptian  Walking Onion (no digging needed - just pluck 'em from the top),  Romanesco Broccoli (a Fibonacci wonder).

Cucamelon (grape-size fruit on a vine),  Buzz Buttons (nature's pop rocks),  Purple Peacock Broccoli (a kale/broccoli cross with edible flower AND leaves).

"Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes."
~Author Unknown