We are so excited to see kids training and competing again on the fields this spring. Our award winning Director of Coaching (DOC), Nick Swaim, is usually at the fields coaching or doing field maintenance every weekday evening so if you haven't said hello or if you have a question, he's around. He'd love to put more faces with names and answer any questions you may have about the club. If you have a medical emergency, Nick has a first aid kit and AED!

Tryouts are coming in June! Mark your calendars! More information below!

The Jr. Irish MDI Tournament (May 24-May 26) is coming up quickly! Please note that our local JI teams could have games on Friday evening and that we are playing at both Newton Park and the JI Fields. If you are scheduled at Newton Park, please know that every team is guaranteed a game at the JI fields. The schedule will not be finalized until the week of 5/20. Every family is required to donate 2 hours per child in the club (limit of 4 hours). We will be sending out a volunteer sign-up sheet in a couple of weeks. You'll want to sign up early to get the job and shift that you want!

Good Luck to all teams this spring in league play, various tournaments as well as the state tournaments in May!

Reminder: there is NO PARKING

on Moreau Court.

Our business neighbors are working 24 hours and are concerned about children and vehicles being hit. This goes for weekly training and games. Even if you are sitting in your cars, please park in the nearest parking lot (north or south) to avoid being towed. We want to keep families and vehicles safe and our parking lots are plenty large enough.

Thank you for your help!

Tryout dates for 2024-2025:

Tuesday, June 4th

6 - 7 pm

(2018-2015 birth years)

Monday, June 10th &

Tuesday June 11th

time TBD

(2014-2006 birth years)

*if you will be playing for your high school in the fall, you still need to register/attend tryouts to be included for the winter/spring season

(beginning November 2024-June 2025)


The link to register for try-outs is live. You must select 2024-2025 tryouts in your demosphere account. If you sign-up for the previous year's tryouts,

you won't be in the system for the 2024-2025 season.

Any returning player who can't attend tryouts due to family vacation, school or a camp, reach out to Nick Swaim so we can get your player properly placed on a team.

All returning players must wear their training jersey to tryouts.

Financial aid applications will be done at tryouts via QR code. All families wishing to apply must bring proof of current income to turn in at tryouts. Financial aid will be determined within a couple of weeks of tryouts. If your application requires additional information, we will reach out to you and

it is YOUR responsibility to provide necessary documents by the posted deadlines

or your application will not be considered. Our finaincial aid is limited

so make sure your application is complete and timely!

The 24-25 Financial Aid application deadline is June 21st!


A few reminders for families to help maximize training, keep our fields looking nice and keep families safe:

  • Please do not stand near your child's fields during training. It's intimidating to many kids when they are learning new techniques. Please stay at least 100 feet back from your kid's field or better yet, go for a walk and meet up when training's done.

  • If you are walking a dog during training, please make sure you stay to the perimeter of the fields and pick up all messes.

  • If you are exercising during training, please be careful if you run/walk on the road or in the parking lots. There are many cars coming and going all evening.


& JI

Give Back Day


MAY 7th


Jr. Irish is thrilled to partner with the Chik-fil-a restaurant

on Portage Road for a club fundraiser.

Place a mobile order and enable the "spirit night" button or

simply mention "Jr. Irish Spirit Night" in the drive-thru line OR

in the restaurant and JI will receive a percentage of the day's sales!

You know you're already driving out to the fields,

why not pick up dinner for your family and support the club?

Chik-fil-a Restaurant

3703 Portage Rd, South Bend, IN 46628

Appropriate Sideline Behavior:

Please remember this is a sport for your child and for their enjoyment of the sport and their development as human beings. We understand competitiveness is a driving force and that your love for your child is immeasurable. We want to remind you that screaming or yelling at match officials, opponent fans, and opponents coaches is not acceptable. When confronted with something you deem as incorrect please take a breath and remind yourself this is a game for your child. Encouragement and cheering is the staple from the parents' sideline. Please remember that and practice that. 

Another focus is to please refrain from shouting instructions at your child, or anyone else's child, during the game. Playing in games for your children is full of stressful moments (positive stressful moments) and when they are focusing in the moment and trying to make their own decisions it is even more stressful (bad stressful moment) when they are yelled at to complete something that you've decided is the right decision for them. This breaks concentration and asks children to divert attention away from the game to your voice instead. Please allow your child to make their own decisions and to learn from them.

Lastly, please remember that there is a severe referee shortage nationally. Referees are human and sometimes make mistakes in the game. Shouting and arguing with referees does not help and actually is not your role but rather the role of the coach to challenge a call if needed. Referees have been calling games for years and years so let's do our best to respect their authority and the game. Go Irish!

What's Up DOC?

Get all of the answers to

your club questions answered by

our Director of Coaching,

Nick Swaim!

This month we discuss why Jr. Irish supports a new local preprofessional soccer club!

What's Up DOC? Why Jr. Irish is proud to support NIFC

Jr. Irish has recently partnered with Northern Indiana Football Club (NIFC.)

Northern Indiana FC will be competing in the Midwest Premier League and will be on track to earn promotion into a professional league within the next few years. Jr. Irish is thrilled to support the NIFC Coaching Staff, Homegrown players initiative and local college players. The NIFC truly wants to partner with and work in collaboration with local clubs. NIFC has a clear future pathway to the pros and most importantly, the Northern Indiana Football Club morals and commitment to the local community aligns perfectly with Jr Irish.

Partnering with NIFC provides so many benefits to our JI families!

  • Family Pass (for players and parents) for all Midwest Premier League Games at Indiana Invaders.
  • Player Skill Clinic before every MWPL home game
  • Coaches' clinic admissions for all coaches
  • Half-time recognition for club teams
  • Partner club players are eligible for the Homegrown program
  • Partner club players are eligible for the U20 program
  • 50% discount on tickets for the international friendly between Northern Indiana FC and Chivas de Guadalajara on June 14th. As a partner club, Jr Irish will receive 50% off from general admission prices. Use special promo code: JrIrish to get 50% off of general admission. CLICK HERE for tickets!

Bianca and her dog Dunkin

Coach Corner: Bianca Brahimir

Bianca coaches the 2013 Girls Green Jr. Irish team

She has been coaching soccer for almost 7 years locally and in Ontario, Canada but soccer has been a constant in her life since childhood.

Bianca loves coaching because she loves to watch players develop and progress over the years both within her teams and as individual players. Her favorite soccer player is Gigi Buffon. Bianca had the opportunity to attend a Juventus game in Rome in 2017. Being immersed in the European soccer scene was an incredible expereince and seeing Gigi was "the cherry on top!"

When she's not coaching she loves going to the beach with friends and family, hiking and listening to live music.

First Aid & CPR Training

Jr. Irish takes the health and safety of our families and players very seriously. We are thrilled to remind you that our club invested in an AED device that is available for Academy home games and other Jr. Irish home games. We are offering First Aid & CPR training to

all coaches and Board members.

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