and in 2020 we are

July 31, 2020
Celebrating Aging Through the Performing Arts

Yes, ALL our Barbies are at least 60. That goes for the rest of the performers in the Senior Variety Show too. Even though the performance in the Ames City Auditorium this year has been cancelled due to COVID-19, we are still celebrating the outstanding talents of our local seniors. Have you been following our weekly entertainers on Facebook? Every Saturday you can find a brand new performance or a favorite flashback from one of our 25 shows!

Hint for
August 1, 2020 Feature Performance
Introducing - The Diamond Dancers
Even though childhood dance lessons were long in the past, if at all, sometimes the rhythm just makes you want to move! The Diamond Dancers are senior citizens that enjoy movement that brings exercise and sociability together! The members consist of former Octagon Tappers, clowns, art teachers, actors, and those who just like to dance! And the name? Well, diamonds are old gems created under high heat and pressure over a long time -- and they are gems!
Thankful to our Sponsors
On behalf of the Senior Variety Show, President Pat Meek thanks the Greater Iowa Credit Union for its Community grant of $500. The photo socially distanced from Pat is Scott Zahnle, CEO, Greater Iowa Credit Union.
Although we can't hold the traditional Senior Variety Show at Ames City Auditorium this August, the variety show committee continues to look for ways to encourage seniors in the performing arts and to keep the community entertained by senior talent. We also are honoring our on-going commitment to fund local senior projects and needs. Thus Greater Iowa Credit Union's support is greatly appreciated.
Social Media and Social Distancing

We had not heard of Zoom calls a year ago, and now SVS is zooming down the road with an Instagram account, updated website, as well our presence on Facebook.
Email Envy

Do you know someone who would like these infomails? (I just made that word up.) We don't necessarily have emails for members of the larger groups that have performed, or our fabulous audience fan base. Forward this to them and they can request being added to our list and getting the scoop on what SVS is up to!
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