December 2022

Last-Minute Giving Options!

These Peer Educators could be saying two things: "Thanks for your help this year!" and "Please don't forget us next year!" This year, people and places were more accessible as pandemic restrictions were lifted. We are compiling year-end reports now and we'll give you the final update next month.

It's not too late to give! Year-end contributions can still be done on our website. On the second page of the donation form, select "Reach4Life" under the projects drop-down box, or to donate to the Tugela Ferry church building project, select "TF church." You can also mail checks today to Prevention Time, 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way, WA, 98003. Or you can call 253-946-5953 (landline) or 206-423-0306 (cell) and we can put through a transaction for you.

Next year, the program is expanding into five more countries - Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Nigeria, so we very much appreciate your continued (or first time) support. The things you'll read about below could not be done without your help!

Reach4Life Holiday Clubs

Schools are closed during December for the summer holiday, but that doesn't mean the teams aren't busy! Thandy reports: "We are happy to share that after heavy lockdowns and strict regulations, kids and Peer Educators are excited that they are once again able to fully engage in the Reach4Life (R4L) school holiday clubs. These take place in community halls, church buildings, police stations, clinics, homes of team members, or anyplace with extra room to share." The group above is from Sydenham, Durban. Thandy and Emmanuel are shown at right with new Area Coordinator, Michelle Chetty (see more information below).

New Opportunities in Muslim Area

Thandy reports: "We spent two days with this community R4L club specifically because it is a predominantly Muslim area, yet the gospel of Christ has been privately and slowly shared with the kids. Michelle Chetty (see picture in article above), our new Area coordinator, has found favour in this community that is struggling with drugs and high teen pregnancy. Although mostly Muslim, the schools have requested that the R4L program be taught to willing participants with parental consent. To our surprise, more and more kids are bringing signed forms of permission to attend. We are planning to do a training in this area soon, because it is so desperate for intervention. We already have 17 Peer educators ready to be trained, and schools ready to receive them with the program."

Reach4Life Jesus Parties!

Community parks are fully packed in December with young people who are just "chilling/hanging out” since they are out of school. The R4L team decided to reach out to them with what they call R4L Jesus Parties! The PE's targeted popular parks in Johannesburg. The ministry sound systems were plugged in and gospel music was played at high volume. There were also games, dance performances by the multi=talented PE's, and testimonies from kids who have been helped by the program. Thandy says that many have come to the Lord during this time! The picture above is in Soweto.

Charity, the R4L office administrator, is seen at far right in this Soweto Jesus party group picture.

Randfontein Jesus Party!

Peer Educators Sbuja (left) and Thenjiwe (right) are seen above setting up for the Jesus Party at the Randfontein community park. The program for the day includes telling young people about the R4L program and how they can participate. Churches have partnered with the team in this initiative. They will be leading small groups weekly. Any kids that commit to Christ will be linked to these Bible teaching churches.

Library Groups!

It's amazing how God is using the R4L program not only in schools, prisons, rehabs, and churches, but also in clinics, police stations, hospitals, orphanages, work places, elder care homes, sports clubs, and all kinds of places! The most recent new, exciting platform has been community libraries! They are requesting Peer Educators to come do a devotion in the afternoons when kids go there for research or homework. It’s a growing trend in many of the ministry areas. Pictured above is a library group in Estcourt, South Africa.

Wellington is Growing!

The Wellington area (Western Cape) is on fire for Jesus! The R4L program was launched there mid-2022 and the response from primary and high schools has been overwhelming. Local churches have taken ownership of this open door and they are training many Christian youth as Peer Educators and Foxes (students teaching students) for 2023. Area Coordinator Nicolien Kotzee is seen at center in the front row.

Soweto Prison Ministry Gathering

There was a Reach4Life Prison ministry gathering in Soweto on December 23. All the inmates that participated in the program while inside were invited. Now that they are out, the team follows up with each one by helping them find good, biblically sound churches near their homes. If someone has no place to stay, churches are willing to help out. Most of them want to go back to the prison to teach the Word as Peer Educators.

Above right, Pastor Jeff Kunene, R4L Prison Ministry Coordinator, is hugging Brother Toffy, who shares: "I was sentenced to life in prison. I have been part of the R4L group for 5 years and the program has helped my life. This small Bible answered my big questions, it healed my deepest wounds of many years. After serving 18 years I was released this year. It was when I gave my life to the Lord that I found confidence to ask for a released because I was forgiven. I wanted to go out and tell other crime committers as I was, that theres no need for violence, drugs, gangs and all evil acts I used to do. Christ is life in ubundance. I apealled and I was released. May R4L continue reviving dead souls like mine. I am now alive and I want to share this light with many. All those that are making this program possible, we thank you.”

Head of Leeuwkop Prison Endorses Reach4Life

Above left is Pastor Kunene with Elizabeth Sikhisana, a former female inmate who participated in the R4L program. At right is Mr. Kampi, head of Leeuwkop Prison (Johannesburg) which houses over 36,000 offenders. He says, “We have a lot of programs in Prisons, but I particularly love Reach4Life, and I fully welcome it to our institution. Prison is a very tough environment; it comes with many challenges. The guys that are in here need the Christian community to love and support them. Such programs have been a light in those dark cells. Continue doing a great job.”

Zonderwater Prison Releases Inmates

The inmates seen in the pictures above have been released due to good behavior. The Reach4Life program was acknowledged as one of the best programs that the prison is using to achieve improved moral behavior. Certificates were given to these men who will now live outside the prison walls as transformed men. Bongi (black dress) reports: "When I was trained as a Peer educator in 2017, my heart was moved by the Prison ministry R4L was doing. It was hard to go in the first time, especially since I was given an all-male section. But the PE training had prepared me well. I knew what to say, when and how. I was trained how to dress and how to handle different situations I may come across. Today I am a proud field worker, these guys are like brothers to me. Some I have met their families; others we the R4L team had to help them find people who can take them in. Reach4Life is a life changing ministry, It has transformed my own life. We thank our supporters, you have no idea how the subsidies help us reach such places to share the gospel. We thank you all.”

Appreciation for Team Members

Thandy says, "Every month we send you ministry updates that are an encouragement and a blessing to all of us (us on the field and you, our US supporting family). These are just a few faces of our incredible teams on the ground. From facilitators who train these teams, to coordinators who manage the work and the office team which administrates this massive work, to workers in the field, they were all sent home with small gifts of appreciation for their hard work."

Peer Educator Becomes Constable

Thandy reports, "We are all proud of Miss Pontsho Moloi, who has been a Harrismith Peer Educator for three years. She graduated this month as Constable from the South African Police Service Academy. She is relocating to Limpopo province and has already contacted two High Schools where she will continue to teach the program as a part time PE. We bless the Lord for her accomplishment and above all her commitment to Gods work. She has been a great example to the Peer Educators and others who know her." See her testimony (right).

Pontsho's Testimony

“My name is Pontsho. I am 25 years old. Growing up things were tough at home, most my peers went on to selling their bodies to feed their families, others did drugs but I praise God that I met Jesus at the lowest points of my life and soon after that I was introduced to the Reach4Life program which changed my life. Standing in front of kids teaching Gods word helped me to grow quickly in my faith. I had to be accountable and lead by example. The trainings impacted my life not just for ministry but life in general, I could see myself doing big things. During our Annual R4L Conferences, speakers will be brought to share the word and encourage us. I saw Thandy, our very own African young woman, leading a big Ministry with integrity and great wisdom. All of that has made me the person that I am. I will forever hold the R4L program very dear to my heart. I am the product of God’s word.”

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