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Habitat Newsletter
August 2021
Welcome our New Board of Director Members

We are fortunate to have an outstanding Board of Directors at Habitat for Humanity. As the leaders of our affiliate, each plays a vital role not only at the top level, but usually deep in the weeds, as well. We welcome our newest board members and encourage you to learn more about this unique way of supporting our affiliate’s mission. Joining us this year are the following:
Daphne Dudley
Daphne Dudley served on the Raeford Hoke Habitat for Humanity Board for over 15 years prior to their merger with Sandhills Habitat in 2020 and has been instrumental in merging the affiliates. She has over 22 years of governmental work with Hoke County and currently serves as the Tax Collector. She and her husband, Larry, have 5 children, 13 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.
Jim Hart
Jim Hart was born in Martins Ferry, OH. He spent 32 years working in Washington DC as Chief of Staff for several congressmen and women. He then became Vice President of Government Affairs for the Investment Company Institute. In 2012, he retired and moved to Pinehurst. Months after, he began volunteering with Habitat and is now part of the “trim crew” that installs cabinets, trim and flooring for each home sold by the affiliate.
Mary Rocca
Mary Rocca is a financial advisor with Edward Jones. She has served in this field for over twenty years. She is originally from the DC area but has family rooted in the Sandhills. She and her husband are parents to three mini schnauzers, Rocky, Max and Deirdre. Mary servers on multiple nonprofit boards and believes strongly in community involvement and service.
Karen Reese-May
Karen Reese-May worked 35 years as a clothing buyer for top ranked merchandisers. She travelled the country extensively while working in this field. In 2010, she and her husband, Robert, returned to Southern Pines to care for her parents. She transferred her marketing, negotiating and sales experience to real estate and is now a proud realtor with NextHome in the Pines.
Tracy Thomas
Tracy Thomas moved to Pinehurst in 2019 with her husband, Bill, after many annual golf trips to the area. Tracy held several careers including Assistant Banking Officer/Market Manager, medical practice office manager and Church ministry director. She has extensive volunteer experience and currently volunteers in the ReStore in the clothing department. Her first Habitat experience was in New Jersey on a home build.
We are thrilled to have such talented and generous individuals leading us – thank you!
Habitat Celebrates Beth Whitman
Our longtime volunteer and supporter Beth Whitman celebrated her 80th birthday surrounded by friends and relatives.

Beth came here in the late 60’s from West Virginia. She attended Marshall College. She has two grown sons: one who tracks salmon in Alaska who has a daughter; the other is a lawyer in Raleigh with a baby daughter and two teen aged sons.

Beth enjoys running, bicycling and working for Habitat. Beth and friend, Cele Bryant, were involved with sponsoring house # 6 built by this affiliate in the early 1990’s.  Cele had told her good friend Beth of her wish to build a Habitat house (back before many women were building in this affiliate). One day Beth said, “Do you still want to do that?  I’ll be your partner.” Beth and Cele raised the money and provided much of the volunteer work on The House That Friends Built which became the home of Jewel Melton and her twin granddaughters in June of 2007.  Cele remembers suggesting to Beth that they should ask friends to donate $1000 each. Beth replied, “That isn’t going to happen.”  Cele said, “No, but if we ask for $1000, they may give $500”.  About 15 people did give $1000. Cele and Beth referred to them as “Best Friends”.
The homeowner said about Beth, “She is a wonderful person, so kind.  If she can do anything for you, she wants to do so.  She is one of a kind.” Beth still sends Jewel a card every Christmas and contacts her every Thanksgiving.  One of Jewell’s 19 year old twins still lives with her grandmother and the other stays there frequently.

Beth’s Habitat dedication over the years inspires all of us to do better, to be better. She has been instrumental in both building homes for families in the Sandhills and hosted students from the UMD Collegiate Challenge in the basement of her home for two years in a row.
At her 80th birthday party Beth gave $80 to those in attendance and she has heard back from many of them about how they used the money. One participant took their teens to a restaurant for dinner and was discussing with the young people what she should do with the money.  One of the teens said, “You see those two policemen having dinner.  I think we should buy their dinner.” And they did.
Apostles Build Home Dedication
Lopez Family
Thursday, September 9th at 6:00 pm
220 E. Virginia St. | Robbins 

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Cashiers Needed at Habitat ReStore
As summer comes to an end and our high school youth return to school, the Restore needs volunteers for our cashier positions. Cashiers work a set schedule of 4 hours with a.m. and p.m. shifts available Tuesday-Saturday. We do ask that cashiers commit to a set day and time as accountability is important with this position.
We will hold our orientation followed by a group training session on Saturday, September 18th at 10 a.m.
Update from Richmond County
Volunteers Needed- No Experience Necessary

Sandhills Habitat is gearing up for our next build, and are doing our best to fill all build days. Volunteers can keep labor costs low, and serve more families – we estimate each hour of volunteerism is worth $25. We will need to fill 1,000 hours of build time for the upcoming home on Rosemont Ave. in the Briarwood neighborhood. Shifts are available from 8am until 1pm on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. We are planning for 10 build days. We need them filled as soon as possible. If your workplace, church, neighborhood or family can join us on a build day, we promise a fun and fulfilling day of learning and laughing while making it possible for someone to build their home. They purchase it with a guaranteed affordable mortgage. Our homeowner, Mark, is very excited about his new home, and we are honored to share in this journey with him.
Over the past 3 years, Habitat has invested over $500,000 in funds generated from outside Richmond County to help families within the county who may not otherwise be able to have safe and affordable housing. We are also accepting applications for our 2021 Urgent Repair Program and our Home Preservation Grant through the USDA for an additional $100,000 or more in repairs in Richmond County.
265 Earl Franklin Rd. Dobbins Heights NC
We appreciate the support from Rockingham First United Methodist Church, Enviva, the Cole Foundation and Richmond County United Way as local financial supporters that we need as leverage and matches for some of these funds. With additional local financial support, we believe we can continue to increase the benefit to Richmond County families.
You may also email Christy at volunteer@sandhillshabitat.org for assistance or to book a private build day for your group of 12 people or more. To support this effort financially, you may donate at our website, mail a check to 2268 NC 5 Hwy Aberdeen, NC 28315 or contact Amie Fraley at 910-295-1934 x5 or afraley@sandhillshabitat.org.
Join us for
Spirit Night!
September 13th
4:30 pm to 9 pm
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Jerseys Mike's
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Wendy Jones is a homeowner-in-progress, Habitat advocate, teacher and mother of three teenage boys. She is a breathe of fresh air who has a wealth of knowledge she would like to share with families who are considering partnering with Habitat.

"A forever home is what Habitat for Humanity provides for children who may never have the chance to have a stable home. Children thrive off knowing what is next in their day when at home and school. Routines often create a security blanket for most children. When children must move from home to home because of housing insecurities it can cause emotional stress. Forever homes give children the foundation to bridge social and emotional connections at home and at school. Getting along with peers and focusing on schoolwork is made easier when a child has a stable home. When children are living with family there is often overcrowding and poor conditions leading to stress for children. In their forever homes children feel confidant and safe in knowing that they have a home that is theirs with no strangers and a room of their own. Forever homes provide a safe environment for children and children need safe housing to stay healthy. 

Many studies have proven when children are living in poor conditions their health suffers. When children live in conditions such as damp or moldy homes this can cause respiratory issues for young children putting them at risk for illnesses. Illnesses can cause mental stress for children, and children may perform poorly in school from being absent. 

Stable housing is necessary and when parents secure forever homes it has a positive effect on children’s development. Violence in the home decreases, income increases, and children’s performance in school increase as well. Forever homes through Habitat for Humanity also provide affordable mortgages. Affordable mortgages help families by not having the family make the hard decisions between buying essentials like food or paying high housing costs. The risk of eviction, foreclosure and homelessness drops when families live in affordable homes.  

Affordable housing is a good opportunity for families to have a great place to live and we as a community should be invested in helping families achieve this goal. The entire community wins when we have families that are safe, healthy, and happy. "

~Wendy Jones
Jones Family Home Dedication
Thursday, September 23rd at 4:00 pm
209 Victory Lane | Aberdeen

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 All Hands on Deck!
 "Remembrance Build Day" 
 September 11th, 2021 (9/11).
Join fellow military personnel and first responders to help support our day of remembrance on 9/11. Please email volunteer@sandhillshabitat.org for more information".
Ken Fitzgerald
Home Decor/Houseware
531 Volunteer Hours

Ken Fitzgerald was born and raised in Sharon, PA about 60 miles north of Pittsburg and lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina. Ken was a Chemical Engineer and Manager for General Electric for 20+ yrs. Then, a Quality Manager for Libbey Owens Ford, consultant for Rockwell/Meritor and teacher at Sandhills Community College. His hobbies are golf, ping pong, softball for many years, Bible studies and volunteering at First Health and the local prison ministries. He tells us he enjoys helping others and keeping busy. Amie was instrumental in leading him to Habitat and has stayed for four years.

“I enjoy the community environment at Habitat; the workers and volunteers
are all pleasant to talk to. It's great to help see the fruits of Habitat (as dreams come true; a new house for their own). Thanks for all the volunteers who use their time to help others.”
~Ken Fitzgerald
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Are you new to Habitat? Are you interested in volunteering or partnering with us in the future? Here is your chance to find out exactly how everything here at Habitat works and get your questions answered! 

Saturday, September 18th from 10:00 AM- 10:45 AM, we will be hosting a New to Habitat Orientation. You can attend this orientation from the comfort of your own home via Zoom or join us in the office (2268 NC Highway 5)! 

If you would like to attend, RSVP by simply commenting below or email volunteer@sandhillshabitat.org! We appreciate all that you do to help support Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills and look forward to seeing you Saturday!
Our Leadership Team
Lisa Fagan, Chairman
Fallon Brewington , Vice Chair
Karen Reese May, Secretary
Kirk Lynch, Treasurer
Amie Fraley, Executive Director
Al Beranek
Charles Cobb
Len DiNapoli
Daphine Dudley
Karen Dulmage
Tim Dwyer
Bob Friesen
Robin Porter Graham
Fran Grandinetti
Jana Green
Jim Hart
Jeff Hutchins
Tim Maples
Bob McVay
Helen Probst Mills
Mary Rocca
Tracy Thomas
Everyone Deserves a Safe and Affordable Place to Live
All Donations are Appreciated!
Because we partner with our suppliers' Habitat can often get building materials at or below cost which stretches every dollar, $50 can buy doorknobs for a Habitat Home!

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