We learned the scary news that the pandemic has finally reached the nearby municipality of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, 20 minutes away from Chajmaic, Guatemala...

and that two people in a neighboring village (just a mile away) have died of Covid. 

Fray is now effectively shut down, but we can do one last grocery run. Yes, we are raising funds through the clothing drive, but we won’t bring that to Savers until August 28.

In the past, $550 has fed 8 families in the village for two weeks. We would like to have that amount or greater, in case we can feed more families. 

With price gouging and uncertainty for the future, we would like to make a purchase now.  Can you make a donation of any amount? 

Time is of the essence. We must make this purchase on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Next weekend is too late to go. 

We are trying to raise funds in the next 24 hours.
Thank you again for your assistance. If you would like to give towards this perhaps final grocery run, you can contact us via or .

Fern and Ginny
Sowing Opportunities, Inc.
21 Ivy Road
Malden, MA 02148