Last Chance - Tuesday, April 30!

You and your friends can be heroes . . . for the kids.

Help Get The Victory Center to the Finish Line for

Autism Awareness!

What will your donation mean to The Victory Center?

The Victory Center has the most students enrolled in the school's history with a waiting list. That coincides with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's report that even more children are being diagnosed with autism.

These kids need the help that The Victory Center provides with low student to teacher ratios. With increasing enrollment that means hiring more teachers. We don't want to turn away any child who needs help. That's why our fundraising goal is the highest it has ever been.

Won't you help these kids get the quality, caring education that they need?

Did you know . . . the kids have been so excited about participating in the virtual Longest Drive Golf Tournament. They want their team members to help their team win by raising the most money!

Your donation will make a huge difference in all of the kids' futures.

Donate NOW before it's too late!

Why is raising money for The Victory Center so important?

Listen to what Kristen said about her young son, Leo, not being admitted to other schools until The Victory Center became his family: click here

How Can You Participate?

The Longest Drive Teams are playing their best, but they really need your help! So, donate now before it ends.

Your Favorite Golf Team Needs You to Click Here NOW!

Listen to what Meital said about her son, Eli's, experience at other schools and what a difference that The Victory Center has made for him: click here

Listen to what Faradjah said about why The Victory Center is so important to her son, Kahlil: click here

The students of The Victory Center are the real winners! Each dollar donated will fund programing that will continue to help our students be the best they can be!

Thank you for your kindness to the students and their families!

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