Year 3, Issue 17 — April 9, 2024

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Session #1: Addressing Gender-Based Violence

Launch of statewide movement to address gender-based violence in community discussions. JOIN US!

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Session #2: Diversity in Politics statewide in 2024

Where can voters make a difference?

A conversation by Beth Peterson (Vote Run Lead) and Nevada Littlewolf (Women Winning)

Session #3: Collective Health

Kicking off a year-long content-and-conversations series about the interconnected issues of mental health, housing, and youth well-being, with Catherine Squires, Shea Holt, and Joyce Tofte elps host in your community!

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Diversity in Politics

underwritten by Vote Run Lead and Women Winning

Above right: Congressional District 8 candidate Jenn Schultz, who is seeking to replace anti-choice, pro-Trump incumbent Pete Stauber, visited the Adam and Brandon Child Safety Center in Brainerd.

The center was created for supervised visitation of children and abusive parents after 4- and 5-year-old brothers were killed by their father in 1996.

We had deep and insightful conversations in Brainerd Monday with staff at the Crow Wing County Jail — about mental health and substance abuse needs of the majority of its clients — as well as the staff and board of the domestic violence shelter that serves clients across hundreds of miles in multiple counties.

We also followed Rachel Bohman in Mankato and Rochester this past weekend (bottom photo, by Ellen M. Perrault) to learn about the values she is offering in a large southern Minnesota region represented by anti-choice incumbent U.S. Rep Brad Finstad.

These stories will be featured in our June "Hometown Values & Vision" issue thanks to underwriters and Badass members.

Legacy Story: From the First Issue of Minnesota Women's Press on April 16, 1985

Commentary by Nancy Uden:

Additional Work to Be Done in Bodily Autonomy

The Peace of Death on My Own Terms,

by Christina Ogata

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this video was part of our award-winning social media campaign

Minnesota Women's Press was recognized by the Minnesota Newspaper Association for six 2023 awards in photography (including first place for the River Stories cover below), social media campaign, Best Magazine article, and Community Service Leadership for our gender-based violence coverage.

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