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June, 2024

In this issue of Kingswords:

  • Will We See You?
  • Beach Attendants Needed to Open Beach
  • Bird Census at Kingswood 
  • Possible Closings on Sands Creek Road
  • Swim at Your Own Risk
  • Don’t Forget Your Dark Colored T-Shirts
  • Financial Assistance and Mentorship
  • Farmhouse Rental - Fall, Winter and Spring

Will We See You?

Lynn Grainger, KW Administrator

Senior Week has begun and the final steps are being taken to get camp set for opening on June 28th. Mowers are running. Outhouses are being swept. Chuck boxes are being doublechecked. Stoves are delivered. The ice machine is starting up. The wood is stacked in the parking lot. The barn is changing from storage to store, information central and heart of the camp. Will you be joining us this summer at this gorgeous spot? There are plenty of sites available mid-summer. Remember it's often cooler in the Catskills. If you need assistance reach out to Lynn Grainger at

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Lifeguard/Beach Attendant Position Open

Looking for time at Kingswood with some compensation? Look no further! We are currently seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our team as beach attendants. No need for certifications, just a passion for waterfront safety and a keen eye for enforcing rules. Enjoy daily shifts by the water and a cozy cabin for housing, We welcome applicants without lifeguard certification. Your responsibilities are essentially the same, but you do not perform water rescues. If you're 16 or older and this sounds like your ideal summer gig, reach out to Lynn Grainger at today for more details on how to dive into this exciting opportunity!

Thanks for spreading the word!

Lifeguard Position

Sands Creek Road Construction

A culvert on Sands Creek Road, close to the village of Hancock, will be replaced beginning in early July. Traffic will be limited to one lane with red lights for much of the summer.

On July 15-16 and August 12-13 the road will be completely closed.

During the day July 16-August 9 the road will be closed to the public during the day when DPW is working. It will be re-opened for evenings, overnights and weekends.

Dates may vary depending on the progress Delaware DPW makes.

When the road is closed, campers should continue on 17 W and exit at Deposit onto the route 8/route 10 . Continue on route 10 toward Walton. This will take you along the Cannonsville Reservoir. Sands Creek Road is a right hand turn off of route 10.

For long time members of the Kingswood community, you will remember this as the route to Kingswood after the flood in 2006.

If using a GPS, it is wise to download your maps prior to leaving Hancock as signals can be spotty.

Swim at Your Own Risk

There will be no lifeguard at the waterfront. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children. Rules must be obeyed. A reaching pole and life buoy will be available. The hours will still be 1-5 pm when a staff member can be present with means to communicate with the farmhouse. No one can swim without a beach attendant being present!

Bird Census at Kingswood

Last spring Pamela Peters, a member of Delaware-Otsego Audubon and also a volunteer with the state-wide New York Breeding Bird Atlas III project, reached out to access the property. She was assigned the 9 square mile block along Route 67/Sand Creek Road and S. Dry Brook Rd. The Atlas is a 5-year citizen science project involving thousands of volunteers to document the numbers and distribution of breeding birds throughout NewYork. 

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Don't Forget Your T-Shirt

Saturday morning's craft is bleach t-shirt art. Please bring a dark colored T-shirt to transform into a work of art by using stencils and diluted bleach.

The rest of the program schedule is posted below.

2024 Activity Schedule

Financial Assistance and Mentorship

Kingswood is for everyone. If there is a financial need, we want to help make a Kingswood vacation possible. There's a short form linked below.

We also want people to have a positive, safe first experience at Kingswood. If you want someone to help you plan your trip and support you while you're at Kingswood, let us know.

Financial Assistance
Mentor Request

Fall or Winter Get Away

If you're interested in visiting camp in the off season, the farmhouse is available to rent. You have the entire camp available for your family's or group's recreation.

Farmhouse Rental

Quinipet Camp & Retreat Center is our sister camp located on Shelter Island. Quinipet offers day and overnight summer camp for children ages 5-16 and retreat space for groups. Quinipet also offers pastoral retreats at no charge to active NYAC ministers.

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Kingswood is owned and operated by the New York Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.

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