Greetings From The Farm!
Hi all! The temps are coming down, but our adventures are staying up! We've got one last schooling show on our horizon, plus some exciting sales, which means a few very unusual open stalls. Read on to learn more!
What's Up
August was an exciting month for us in the show ring, with lots and lots of High Score awards, and even more fun. We're terribly proud of all of our riders, and a special huzzah for our wonderful friend Fiero, who just earned a USDF Medal for his fourth rider. He is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Read on for the highlights!

CDCTA @ Beverly
Emma Jacobs & Chris Broadbent's Fiero
1st Place, Third Level 1 - 69.324
USDF Bronze Medal Complete!

Lauren Sprieser & Judy Sprieser's Helio HI
1st Place, Prix St Georges - 68.235
Open High Score, CDCTA Member High Score, and Helio's FEI debut!

VADA/Nova @ Morven
Abe Pugh & Alice Drayer's Elfenperfekt
1st Place, Grand Prix - 68.043
1st Place, Grand Prix - 69.103
High Score FEI

Dawn Cregger & Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
2nd Place, First Level 2, 69
4th Place, First Level 2, 61.857

Jess Idol & Jodie Harney's Iskandar
2nd Place, Third Level 1, 61.892
1st Place, Third Level 1, 64.730

Jess Idol & Marja Lauren's Escandalo JB (for sale!)
2nd Place, Fourth Level 1, 65.897
2nd Place, Fourth Level 1, 65.385

Lauren Sprieser & Terrina Baker's De Angelicus MTF
1st Place, First Level 3, 70.556
1st Place, First Level 3, 68.333

Lauren Sprieser & Judy Sprieser's Helio HI
4th Place, Prix St. Georges, 67.353
6th Place, Prix St. Georges, 65.294

PVDA @ Waradaca
Abe Pugh & Alice Drayer's Elfenperfekt
1st Place, Grand Prix Freestyle, 70
1st Place, Grand Prix Freestyle, 74.75

Congratulations to all! Up next is a small but plucky showing at Rose Mount this weekend, and then the Region 1 Championships in October.

We're still on the hunt for another working student intern to add to our team. We're seeking an ambitious and diligent team player with strong riding chops, ideally a Third Level+ dressage rider, but we'd consider a competent but less experienced rider with a SOLID understanding of the connection from hind legs to bridle, and experience with young and energetic horses. This is a PAID full time position, and many of my interns go on to be trainers in their own right, including competing client owned horses through FEI. Email me to learn more.

Speaking of staffing, we bid farewell this week to assistant trainer Jess, and last month we said goodbye to working student Emily. We wish them both all the best! And we're delighted to welcome new working student Calah, who comes to us from Georgia, and has already impressed the heck out of us with her joyful energy. Welcome!

We've also said a few happy farewells to some awesome horses: Kingsley sold to New York last month, Ellington leaves for his new home in Missouri next week, and Quallentino sold within our own program in 9 days. (congratulations, Nancy!) We've got one wonderful gem of a horse left to find a new home: Escándalo JB, an 11 year old 15.1 h PRE gelding showing Fourth Level with solid marks and right on the brink of FEI. If you're a petite rider with a solid seat looking to take on big things, check him out!

And if you're looking for a world-class training opportunity, consider joining us for either a short- or long-term stay. Our clients advance up the levels in a fun and positive way, and are part of our warm family atmosphere. Email me to learn more!
What's New
We've got some fun upcoming events on the docket. Our final schooling show of our series is the Four Loko show September 20. Yes, we are marginally ashamed of ourselves in the naming of these shows. But not by much. Cheers! This is the last show of the series AND a terrific opportunity to get one last go in before the Regional Finals in October. Read all about our special COVID-era rules to keep everyone safe and healthy, and sign up on Strider.

We were recently joined by photographer Angela Buck for an amazing shoot, and we had such fun that we're trying to do it again in October. Angela's work is beautiful and etherial, and she's accepting appointments for $200. Email me to learn more.

On a more day-to-day level, we are open for trailer-in folks, in the afternoons and evenings as usual. Students will tack up at their trailer, and go straight to the arena, without going in the barn. And if your horse needs water or a bath, there's a hose outside.

We're also delighted with the response to our always-wildly-popular Cavaletti Sundays! These fun lessons are suitable for all levels of education and experience, and are a fantastic complement to any dressage or event rider's typical training program. Assistant Trainer Karrigan will help challenge you and your horse while improving athletic performance, dexterity and strength. These fun lessons are every Sunday afternoon, and are PRIVATE lessons for only $45. Why pay more for less? Email Karrigan to learn more.

As always, you can sign up for lessons on TimeCenter. Anyone coming to ride needs to come alone - no spouses, children, or guests of any kind will be allowed on the property. In our indoor arena we obviously have the loudspeaker; if you're riding outside, we can call you on your cell and have you wear earbuds, or we can just shout.

Karrigan and I are all also available for our hub lessons, including room for new locations. We will adhere to the same plan, in reverse: we will only go to the arena and not through your barn, we can use our phones instead of headsets, and we can answer nature's call in an open stall or in your friendly local woods. If you've got an outdoor arena we can drive up next to, we can even teach from our cars!

If you will be joining us, or have us joining you, we ask that if you feel unwell, or have been exposed to someone sick, PLEASE cancel, and we're scrapping our 24-hour notice policy. We also accept Venmo and PayPal instead of checks or cash, to reduce exposure. Those links are below. - please use the "Friends and Family" option
Venmo: @lauren-sprieser

We are all confident that we can help you and your horses advance safely and responsibly, and look forward to seeing you!
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