Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake


Last call for 2017 Dues Payment




August 3, 2017


Dear fellow Property Owners-


As we've been enjoying another great summer here at the lake, we've also been busily updating our membership database with everyone who has paid their dues through 2017.  Our records indicate that you've previously been a member of the Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake, but haven't paid your dues for 2017 and we want you back!   


It's easy to pay your dues!  Just visit the Join the POA page on the POA website and you can can pay online through Paypal or print out the form and mail in a check. Then you'll continue to experience the best $30.00 benefit in Garrett County. 


If we don't get your dues by August 30th, then you'll no longer receive our eBlasts and Dispatch quarterly newsletters which keep you up to date on all of the important issues facing the lake. 


If you have any questions or issues about your membership status, please contact me at 301-616-7881 or  I'd be happy to help you continue to your membership in our great organization.






Chris Nichols

Vice-President Membership


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