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A monthly report of events and resources for our passionate, growing local multisport community.

Our 2023 Endurance Community

It is inspiring to see our endurance community competing in a wide range of endurance events. Every weekend seems to be packed with racing – from our local BBSC races like Rage and Sand Hollow, to regional and national level competitions like 70.3 St. George, 70.3 Morro Bay, 70.3 Chattanooga, IM Tulsa, LA Triathlon, … and many more … our local athletes are having a great year!

As much fun it is to race, it is also great to see all the race pictures and read race reports. The reports can be very helpful to other athletes to read more details about a course as well as to learn things that went right or wrong during an event.

This issue of our newsletter is focused on ‘community’ – and we have a fantastic endurance community here in the Greater Las Vegas valley. If you haven’t connected with the community yet, be sure to join our Las Vegas Triathlon Club facebook page. Also, become a member of Las Vegas Triathlon Club (or renew your membership) and participate in our clinics and/or events.

Our next event is June 18th, 2023 – which is Father’s Day! What a great way to celebrate by doing a triathlon!

Keep training, stay healthy, and continue to have fun!

Las Vegas Triathlon Club Event Dates:













The Las Vegas Triathlon Club Legacy Scholarship

On 12/10/20, five Las Vegas athletes were killed when an impaired driver ran into a group of cyclists. The athletes were Tom Trauger, Erin Ray, Aksoy Ahmet, Michael Murray, and Gerrard Nieva. These five athletes are endearingly referred to as TEAMG (Tom, Erin, Aksoy, Michael, and Gerrard).

Following their deaths, there has been a upswell of community support for the families and survivors directly affected. There has also been a renewed call for action to create a safer environment for our athletes to train here in the Greater Las Vegas Valley.

The purpose of the Las Vegas Triathlon Club Legacy Scholarship is to honor the legacy of TEAMG as well as any local triathletes who have been killed or injured as result of distracted driving. The Legacy Scholarship is designed to encourage involvement in triathlon by new athletes, youth athletes, and/or continuing athletes in special need.

More information about the scholarship can be found at this page:

The list of our 2022 Scholarship Awardees can be found at this page:

Finally, this scholarship continues thanks to a generous donation by Alsco Uniforms as well as an anonymous donor. 

Socials/Training Events/Education

Here are the tentative dates for our 2023 events (we are submitting permit requests for these dates):

  • 4/15/23: Saturday - Triathlon 
  • Registration opens March 1st
  • 6/18/23: Sunday - Triathlon 
  • Registration opens May 1st
  • 7/8/23: Saturday - Aquabike 
  • Registration opens June 1st
  • 8/13/23: Sunday - Triathlon 
  • Registration opens July 1st

Pencil these dates into your calendar! More information will be posted as we get closer to the date.

Events are for members only! Membership is annual and runs this season from March 2023 to March 2024.  

Thanks everyone!

Check our Facebook Group for locals who are training in town or down at Lake Mead. Post your workouts!

The New Triathlete

Community Magic

Few people would disagree that our Triathlon community has made us all better triathletes. Our club events gently introduce us to the sport in an encouraging and supportive environment. These events allow us to hone our transition skills, experiment with nutrition, learn our pacing, and gain confidence as triathletes. The club itself is blessed with a diverse collection of coaches with varying and unique areas of expertise, focus, and philosophy. Every coach I’ve worked with has given me a different insight into training, racing, and Triathlon in general, but each has shared the common goal and drive of helping me improve and succeed.

Club members themselves make up the invaluable core of our community. Like the coaches, every member shares the common and sincere desire to help and to support each other. From the incredible volunteers who make our events possible to our training buddies who motivate us in our workouts and races, our community gives us synergy that makes the collective community much greater than the sum of its parts. In my recent 70.3, I ran into issues that made it very difficult to keep going. I then ran into a friend who was in the same dark place. We discovered that the two of us together made us stronger than we were separately, and we finished the race together.

But for all the good we get from our community, it’s still only part of its value. We’re all familiar with the notion that it’s better to give than to receive, but why? And what does that really mean? The true magic of our community lies in what happens when we contribute to it. When we actively participate in this community, our souls are nourished.  The friends we make and the joy we experience by being active members of this community is a reward that is magnitudes greater than the effort we put into it


Tips for your first triathlon

~ Bob Gamble

Past President

Your tribe

I love the theme for this newsletter. The power of community. This is one of the main reasons I love triathlon. I love that triathlon is bigger than me. When there is a group it is infectious.


I love watching our club rise in the ranks of participation at Ironman races. I also adore watching our members sweeping the podiums at local races like BBSC. That is so cool. When you are in the race cheering your fellow athletes on and having them cheer you on, it is electrifying. There is nothing better. That is worth the price of admission for me. That lights me up, inspires me, and drives my passion for this sport.

One of my best friends was what we called a “fri-enemy” during races. A friend who was an enemy during the race. Were were evenly matched for the whole race, but she would slaughter me on the swim and would beat me a few minutes on the bike. I, in turn, would take transitions and the run. I had so much fun chasing her down. We would battle it out the entire race, but smile, wave, and cheer each other on. We kidded about showing no mercy toward each other during the race, but honestly, we hated winning because we knew our best friend had to lose. Those were some of the best times in my life. My friend has been retired from triathlon for a few years and I think that is why I’m having a hard time getting fully back into triathlon. I know that it will never be the same and part of me is afraid of making new memories that will write over the old ones that I cherish so much.


Triathlon is kind of like high school, college, the military. You show a very vulnerable side of yourself and experience a bond that few people can ever touch or understand. You will have that experience for the rest of your life and it’s kind of magical. Like it or not, those are your people. Those people are your tribe.

~Shawna Glasser

El Jefe

Prez Corner:

Power of Community

Everyone struggles at some point. Even those athletes that find their way to the podium have struggles. Maybe the struggle is being consistent with training, dealing with an injury, or just not feeling good when training. Or maybe the struggle is during a race, a dropped chain, bonking, overheating, fogged up goggles, flat tire …

Maybe the struggle has nothing to do with triathlon and maybe someone is struggling with relationships, work, health, or struggling financially … 

A group ride, meeting a friend for post-training coffee, or just messaging each other encouragement – connecting with each other is important and can help keep you motivated and engaged in the sport in a positive way.

Connecting with each other also can be helpful in those non-triathlon struggles. You build friendships through endurance training and racing that can impact all aspects of your life. You find that others may share the same struggle and that you are not alone.

There is also power in providing encouragement to others and you become an important part of building a supportive, positive community. I remember when someone reached out to me after I missed some events – that was nice to know there was someone there encouraging me. I also remember when I was dealing with some injuries that I could not shake and someone said, “You’re a good athlete, you’ll figure it out.” A simple thing to say, but powerful to me.

Triathlon training and racing should bring value to all aspects of your life – being connected with the endurance community can help build the positive aspect of triathlon so you can thrive in all areas of your life.

Lone Wolf or Wolfpack member? Doesn’t matter … but you’ll be able to thrive when you tap into the power of community.

Let’s Thrive in 2023!






~John Mercer

Have you met these Coaches?

Triathlon race season is here. Do you have a coach? Are you looking for one? Well, the Las Vegas Triathlon Club is going to try to help make some connections.

Earlier this year, we sent out a google form to try to capture our local coaching expertise. We had a number of coaches (all are members of Las Vegas Triathlon Club) respond and we have featured them on this webpage:

We are going to continue to highlight coaches on our web page – if you would like to be part of that, please fill out the form:

LVTC Member Spotlight

Get to know our club members as our President sits down with the following members to talk about tris and life.

  • Alexa Baldia

  • Peter Rifenburg

  • Navin Rongratana

The Evidence-Based Triathlete

  • Nutrition

  • Tires

  • The hard parts of triathlon

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