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Larry trains on more than 300 topics. This list features some of the most requested workshops. Click here for the list of training topics. If you do not see what you need, please contact  Larry   to see if he trains on that subject. Larry trains onsite, by telephone or by webinar.



In today's very competitive job search market, you can help job seekers in two ways. One way is to show them the traditional ways to job hunt which is probably what you are doing now.  The other way is to encourage them to think creatively out of the box and try things that may never have occurred to you as a viable job search strategy.  Working with job seekers in this out of the box way is very rare in the workforce world, but it may be the solution that gets people hired.  Employers are overwhelmed by people job hunting in traditional ways, but it is often the unconventional approach that catches their eye and results in hiring.  But we rarely encourage people to do the unexpected when that may be the best job search strategy.  Are you boxing people into the old ways of job hunting without also encouraging them to be innovative? You may be inadvertently extending their job search by not helping them find a unique way to reach an employer.  If you want to know more about unconventional job search strategies that worked, click here.





This offer is the result of a small technical assistance grant I received from a private sector client.  Please make sure you meet the following guidelines before sending in your request:


1.  This offer is only for people in management positions such as Executive Directors, managers, supervisors and others in management level jobs.  You can have any number of management personnel in on the call.

2.  The offer is only for organizations that have not used my training or consulting services before.

3.  You will choose the topic.  It has to be something within my areas of expertise so go to my website at www.LarryRobbin.com and look at the consulting section to get an idea about what I cover.

4.  The free consulting sessions will be given to the first five eligible people that complete the Contact section on the website.  Please put the word "Consulting" in the Message area.


Once the winners have been chosen, we will communicate by email regarding the scheduling of the call and the topic.  Get your email in now!  I look forward to working with you!


Big employers receive a lot of resumes.  Google, for example, receives about 3000 resumes a day!  Employers that get a high volume of resumes will often use an Applicant Tracking Scanner (ATS) to screen the resumes.  An ATS is a technology device that is programmed to scan resumes.  It looks for certain key words and phrases that match what the employer wants to see in people to interview.  When the ATS finds enough of these preferred words and phrases, it signals that the specific resume should be read by a human being.  Some high end ATS machines are actually sophisticated enough to look at the strength of words and phrases and look beyond the basic scan level to do a deeper analysis of the resume.  You could make a great resume, but if it fails to satisfy the ATS it will never be reviewed by someone in Human Resources.  If you want to know how to make your resume win over the ATS click here.


What are the best things to say in a minute or so if you have a quick interaction with an employer or good job search contact?  As you help people create elevator pitches are you also timing their delivery to make sure that when they deliver the pitch it hits the time benchmark?  If you want some good ideas that will help people create more effective elevator pitches click here.


I was asked during an interview on National Public Radio what I thought was the most important job search skill.  I think the interviewer thought I was going to say something about networking or social media.  But I said something very different.  I said the most important job search skill was the ability to manage rejection and keep job hunting full time.  It does not matter what techniques people know if they are too depressed from rejection to use them.  Right now not far from where you are reading this newsletter there are probably highly qualified highly skilled job seekers that are too depressed to job hunt.  In interviewing hundreds of unemployed job seekers, I found out that after three months or so their job search time has gone down to about twenty-five percent of full time.  They have rejection burnout and just cannot keep going at full job search speed.  If you want some ideas about how to help them overcome this problem click here.  



Look no further!  The handout section of the Larry Robbin website has some great handout tools you can download for free!  Each of them comes with instructions.  They can be used for a wide variety of populations and in almost every program setting.  While you are on the site, do not forget to check out the articles, resources and webinars for a treasure chest of helpful information!  Click here to get the handouts.





Does this describe the struggle your organization is facing?  Part of the problem is that your current program design was made in an era when we had a lot of money for staff and did not serve so many job seekers.  Now the tables are reversed - in many places lots of people want our help and funding cuts mean less staff to serve them.  You probably tried to tweak your current design to address this problem, but it was not enough to solve it.  You need to reinvent your program model into a  HIGH CAPACITY PROGRAM DESIGN!   This is a proven model that changes how people go through your program so more people can be served with fewer staff.  It has some core features that also mean more people will be hired.  In one program they went from fourteen staff and thirty-five hires to eight staff and eighty-six hires using this model!  If you want more information about how the  HIGH CAPACITY PROGRAM DESIGN can solve this headache for your organization, contact us by clicking here .