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2024 ITGA Conference Updates
To explore travel options, networking opportunities, hotel accommodations and more, click here. The conference will be 3-full days, ending Friday at 4:00pm. The City of College Park and University of Maryland, College Park invite you to apply to be a presenter at the 2024 ITGA City & University Relations Conference, The Power of Partnerships: Solving Grand Challenges Together," June 5 through June 7, 2024. To view the tracks and submission details, click here. To register for the conference, click here.
Pre-Conference Workshop in Crisis Management - Register Today!
From Turmoil to Triumph: Crisis Management Tactics for Town and Gown
Controversies today are tried in the Court of Public Opinion more often than in the Court of Law. Whenever you’re dealing with a hot-button issue, your news can easily go viral in moments. Since it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a few seconds to destroy one, “managing the message” and "managing the strategy" is a necessary skill set for city and university administrators – and the lawyers that serve them. Learn more.
The Certificate in Town Gown Relations Program Launches in March
ITGA is once again offering the Certificate in Town Gown Relations program beginning March 20-April 24, 11:00am-1:00pm (ET). The six-weeks virtual program helps stakeholders address the complex challenges and processes associated with city and university relationships and promotes the skills necessary for effective development of collaborative partnerships and alliances throughout college towns. To learn more about the program, click here. Registration is open.
Laramie ITGA Chapter Becomes Pioneer in ITGA Certification Program Through Remote Modular Process
ITGA proudly announces a groundbreaking achievement as Laramie becomes the first ITGA chapter to undergo the remote, modular certification process. The Laramie Town and Gown Association’s proactive approach to pursuing ITGA certification through the remote modular process exemplifies its commitment to strengthening town and gown relations. This forward-thinking initiative not only showcases the Laramie chapter as a leader in fostering community engagement but also sets a collaborative precedent for other municipal leaders and leaders of higher education institutions to follow suit. To learn more, click here.
Join the Team at The Ohio State University
The Ohio State University is currently seeking a Community Partner Senior Representative to join the Student Life team. This position helps to lead the Off-Campus Housing Network and the important work with property owners/managers, having an impact on our student's living experience. Please feel free to share across your networks. Please send inquiries to Rochelle Toth.
National & International Headlines
NAU's Visual Design Students Learn to Be and Do Good
Professor Patricia Murphey’s career path can be attributed to one quote: “When our work intersects with societal needs, we realize the potential for our work to both BE and DO good.”
University Announces More that $50 Million to Municipality
The University announced its plan to contribute more than $50 million over five years to the Municipality of Princeton to support mutual community interests.
Universally Manchester Festival Announced
The University of Manchester will host Universally Manchester, a celebratory four-day festival to mark its 200th year, welcoming up to 60,000 people to its Oxford Road campus. 
'From College Town to Knowledge Town'
Gov. Andy Beshear tours WKU’s Innovation Campus. “We hope this facility will help Bowling Green go from a college town to a knowledge town,” WKU President Caboni said. 
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