February 2017 Edition

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It is Tucson Time again -- We are excited to be showing once again at the TGMS and prior to

that on the booths of our friends at ABOUT LAPIDARY and THE FACETING ACADEMY  

It has been wonderful to see the level of creativity in the lapidary world. Along with wonderful classic designs, we have been bowled over with the newer fantasy cuts that are showing up from all quarters.  

UT-Tucson ballon
We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the comments, Likes and submissions to our Facebook and related social pages. 

If you haven't visited yet, please do... there are wonderful gems and cutting tips.... cut by a thriving community of many talented and wonderful people!
Please feel free to email all your pictures to 

...Facet Forward!

On the ULTRA TEC Booth this year will be Robert Mendoza (pictured Right)


and Larry Mattos (pictured right). 

Joining Robert and Larry will be  Scott Sucher. 

scott sucher

Scott is renowned a replicator of famous diamonds and an Ultra Tec sales representative. 
He has been featured on the Discovery and National Geographic Channels, written numerous research articles in Gems and Gemology, and his replicas are on display in many museums.  He will have his collection at the show, so if you have wanted to see what these historic diamonds actually looked like, stop by the booth and have a chat.  His historic Koh-i-Noor (the original form prior to re-cutting in 1851) and Hope replicas will be on display, and those featured on his web site, www.museumdiamonds.com , will also be available for handling.

Please also come see our machinery on the following booths:

1. ABOUT LAPIDARY -- Electric Park -- Booth T3 -- 1/27 to 2/12

Elayne Luer (pictured 2nd left) looks forward to your visit.


2. John Bailey of THE FACETING ACADEMY   

You can find John at 
 The 22nd St Show -- Booth A15 --   1/26 to 2/12


Those were the words Mary Bennett used in describing her ULTRA TEC V5 experience.  Mary is hardly a "new" faceter  -- she had four years of faceting - on two other faceting machines that she owned, before she "bit the bullet" and got a an ULTRA TEC V5.
Now...here what she told us in an email...
I should have saved the money I paid for those other machines and just bit the bullet and got the V5 in the first place. The learning curve would have been so much easier! I have gone from being a so-so faceter to a fairly competent one!.
Your ULTRA TEC Machine is AMAZING!!
I tried cutting a pavilion like I had seen on YouTube - without looking.  I just cut down to the correct angle all the way around.  I figured I would have much fine tuning to do after I got around. but I just went ahead and kept on cutting. 

I was so surprised when I finished the round, and brought my visor down to view close up - Every one was almost perfect!!  It took about 5 minutes to cut. Fastest pavilion I have ever cut, and more perfect then when I inspect after each facet! Then when I cut my girdle, I did the same thing. No looking until all the way around. Only had a couple of very tiny cuts to bring the meets in.
This is an AMAZING machine I gotta tell you! I just love it.

A Video Featuring Scott Sucher ...

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TV Special features Scott Sucher and his ULTRA TEC
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TV Special features Scott Sucher and his ULTRA TEC

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The Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Machine

The Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Machine

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Once again, thank you as always for your interest in ULTRA TEC and our products. We'll be in touch again soon with the next Sometimes Newsletter. 

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The ULTRA TEC Lapidary Team

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