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June 14, 2024

Langmaid's Island Development Final Settlement

The Lake of Bays Association (LOBA) and Lake of Bays Heritage Foundation (LBHF) have continued to advocate for protection of the natural environment on Langmaid’s Island, even though the Ontario Land Tribunal has approved development on the island. As reported in the July 2023 joint letter to LOBA and LBHF members, negotiations over the requirements for the Plan of Subdivision resulted in terms of settlement with the developer, Langmaid’s Island Corporation, with positive outcomes including:


  • Four blocks of land on Langmaid’s Island set aside as conserved properties.
  • Measures to protect the shoreline and island tree canopy, including enhanced shoreline buffers and restrictions on tree removal along the rear lot line of several properties.
  • Character Guidelines for all built structures.
  • A Stewardship Manual for all lot owners.


More negotiations have led to a further settlement, in April 2024, confirming the lot plan, the size of the conserved properties, and finalizing the Character Guidelines. These Guidelines are to be implemented when individual applications are submitted for Development Permits, with the intention that visual impact and physical disturbance will be kept to a minimum.


“The character of development at Langmaid’s Island will:

a. be designed to integrate into the existing topography and natural landscape;

b. encourage and embrace its natural environment;

c. adhere to best practices for maintaining dark skies.”


The Guidelines set out detail about allowable erosion control measures, the location of cottages, accessory structures and infrastructure (e.g. leaching beds, utilities and generators).


Also, the developer has agreed to a “Comfort Letter” committing to ensure the construction impacts will be minimized for the community. It is to be provided when the final Plan of Subdivision is approved. We will continue to monitor this.


More details are available in the now agreed Conditions of Subdivision Approval.

You can also read the full Minutes of Settlement.

Annual General Meeting


Take notice that the Annual General Meeting of members of the Lake of Bays Association will be held at the Dwight Community Centre on, Saturday July 6, 2024 at 9:30 a.m. in order to:


  • Receive the financial statements and the auditor’s report.
  • Elect directors.
  • Appoint the auditor and authorize the directors to fix remuneration.
  • Transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting or any adjournments thereof.


The minutes of the 2023 Annual and Special Meeting, and the audited financial statements for the year ending October 31, 2023 are available at loba.ca.


Guest Speaker: Dr. Norman Yan

Algal Blooms are Back … And the Reasons Why Might Surprise You!

Algal blooms have returned to threaten some lakes in Muskoka despite the generally effective management of phosphorus inputs. In his presentation, Dr. Norman Yan of Friends of the Muskoka Watershed will explain that these novel occurrences of algal blooms do require new research and may have lake-specific causes. They might be a complex response to multiple stressors including road salt, calcium decline and the arrival of invading predators during a time of changing climate.


Dr. Norman Yan completed his MSc and PhD dissertations on the effects of acid rain and metal pollution on Ontario lakes, then worked as a research scientist with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for 25 years. In 2000, he negotiated a five-year partnership between the MOE and York University, accepting a position as Professor in York’s Biology Department, and conducting a body of research on the effects of multiple stressors on Ontario lakes, co-developed by Yan and collaborating government scientists. Given its success, this partnership was renewed twice, until Norman’s retirement in 2014. During this period, Norman taught in Toronto, but conducted most of his research in Muskoka.

Norman has co-authored over 200 publications on Canadian lakes, a body of work which is widely recognized. He is one of only four Canadians to receive both the K. Patalas Award for research excellence in applied limnology (the study of lakes), and the F.H. Rigler Memorial Award from the Society of Canadian Limnology for his contributions to fundamental understanding in limnology. Dr. Yan received a Premier’s Research Excellence Award from the Ontario government, and has received visiting fellowships from the Australian and Italian governments. For his contributions to the understanding and wise management of Canadian lakes, he was inducted as a Fellow by the Royal Society of Canada in 2014.

photo by: Carl Vorhies

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Open to all Lake of Bays Association members and families. Photos must be previously unpublished and taken in the current year--limit of 5 per category. They must be in high-resolution, digital format and sent to info@loba.ca, subject line Lake of Bays Association photo contest. Deadline December 31, 2024.

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2023 photo contest submission

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